Apparently I am now looking for an alliance

original topic gone or renamed.

Wonder if my last post in out there somewhere

I was lengthy and on the last page (25 or 26)

And I wanted to re - prof- read it.

25 pages

twenty five

To the guy who implied I was lacking in the PAL department

ahhhhahahahahahaha (in to infinity)

with very few exceptions (see gem guy) I was in the top tier

no this was an act of pettiness

To elaborate.

I wasn’t just kicked.

I was rendered unable to friend anyone in the alliance (is that normal?)

You know, ask someone WTH

It wasn’t enough to get rid of me

They had to take the extra effort to render me mute.

…are you okay? And I’m seriously asking this out of concern for a fellow player and member of the forums. Your behavior seems completely off from your posts from a few months ago. I understand that certain events in one’s life can have a major effect on how you act, so if this is the case please just take a personal break from the game and forums and no one will mind, we care for each other here on the forum (even though it doesn’t seem like it through posts lol), so rest assured if anything did happen, we’re here for you…or at least, I’ll be