Appearance of a thing

I have long dreamed that we could use the appearance of things that we like on the things we wear. Please, support me who wants this, too.



Already in game… Dont spam here plz … There is a vanity slot in throne room by which u can do that… Yep u need pro sub though  :wink:

oh…) thanks for info… sorry for spam)

please remove the topic @FTB @Archimedes

Not knowing something is not spam.

Locking it behind a pay wall was a dirty move though. I can understand a small, one time payment to unlock the feature but $50 a month? Wtf? 

Yeah, @QuantumApocalypse you are right, I don’t get the move by flaregames. Don’t make this a pay to move on game now. The helmet I have now is SO ugly and I hate it. I have had it for more than 8 months and it just makes me shiver. I want to see my golden locks on my king again  . This has been suggested before by Maerique, and it was added, but unfortunately…we have to pay

@AwesomestKnightest not only pay, but pay a ridiculous amount. It’s a blatant cash grab, and that’s coming from someone who usually tolerates some p2w stuff.

For me, this is doubly annoying. A bad moral decision and a bad business decision. No one wins here, as far as I can tell.

It is 10$ a month and it comes with pro subscription 

It’s $10 per month, and you get four extra slots and a pro-league ticket every week in addition to this feature.

No one but flare

Thought it was the $50 one. Still, $10 per month for a few extra slots and an appearance changer is exorbitant. 

No, flare doesn’t win. I think they would make far more money splitting up the benefits and charging separately for each, allowing users to choose what they want. Sure they may not make as much money per person on average, but more people will buy them because they can get the benefits they want.

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