Just made two apple.

Congratulations @Oldnova. I did comment to  FG that using ‘bugged items’ to forge uniques would create very powerful items that are basically for keeps.  Nice items. 

Definitely congratulations to Oldnova, but don’t flare games look at this a see a HUGE problem?!



Hmm, perhaps it’s turning from an apple to a pen-pineapple-apple-pen

Apple is good.

@donoo, your apple is sick AF…




the apple looks verry good.

But what happend, if you reach lvl 135?

Can you forge the apple with a normal 5 star titan item - to update all 4 special skills?

Ore did you need a 5 Star gold item again?


You need a gold item with the same perks.


I think it makes sense again only when you have reached the max lvl



I would think you’d want to upgrade more often than that.