April/May Answers

Greetings mortals,

The April/May questions thread was certainly more discussion-heavy than question-heavy. This is fine, but it is best if you take discussions to other threads, as it slows down our reading time while we are scanning for questions. This means we end up delaying, despite there not being a huge amount to answer.

Unfortunately the majority of questions which actually require an answer need some more investigation from designers in order to ensure we provide an accurate response. In the mean-time here are the answers to the small number of non-technical questions (the remainder will follow soon):

The next version is planned to arrive next month, I will soon be sharing some details.

At the moment, adding a system like this is not high on our list. We would like to do it, but it requires quite a massive overhaul of the backend of the game, and in addition brings with it a whole host of issues such as privacy, spam and behaviour policing. It’s not off the table, but don’t expect something soon.

This is similar to ideas and requests which we have on our discussion list. We would like to give players an option like this, but with all trade systems you need to give them a lot of scrutiny before adding them to games, to avoid exploitation. This may be something which comes in the future, but it will not be in the next version.

There are a few reasons behind this, we do have an overarching roadmap for OR, but there are several things about public roadmaps which we find detrimental to development, here are just a few:

  • They create expectations which create disappointment.

  • They are rarely fully accurate.

  • Many long-planned features and changes get scrapped or cancelled when discussing implementation.

  • On OR we prefer to have a more fluid approach which means that the features planned for future versions changes very often, depending on our current perception of priorities or the current community requests. Having a solid plan into the future kills our ability to react or improve.

  • All of the above points basically mean that if we did provide one it would most likely be very quickly of no use to you or require constant maintenance.

That said, we are working more towards giving you guys information ahead of versions being released, so you have some time to react to upcoming changes. We also believe that the approach we take means that we are able to have an above average record of including community ideas and changes into versions.

If we find a way to make this work while giving you more insight into the future, we may consider it, but we don’t want to compromise the way we work on the game to bring this to you.


Here are the remaining answers:

Q: when a phoenix dies (after a moral drain by nyx) and comes to life again, is the moral of himself and the tropps it brings back free of moral drain (again 100% moral also) or is this the same value when they died the first time? and have nyx towers more effect on the moral of resurrected units (like they also die quicker in combat*)?

A: The Phoenix’ Morale is not “reset” when it dies, it will come back to life with the same amount of Morale it had when it first died. The units on the other hand will spawn again with full Morale. The Nyx Tower doesn’t drain their Morale any faster.

Q: how does/should demolition work also in combination with normal damage, area damage and frostbite-proc (actually the two proc of frostbite and demolition does multiply damage instead of adding? does the order of those two proc also plays a role?)?

A: If Frostbite and Demolition proc at the same time, only the higher damage of the two (in most cases Demolition) will be dealt. They don’t multiply each other anymore because this led to one-shotting towers and barricades in the past. Even if Demolition does more damage, the target should still get the Frostbite slow effect when both things proc at the same time.

Q: is it true that demolition takes away 50% from the remaining barricade / tower-structure health regardless of the heros own strength or level or the total health and level of the structures (and what about buffs from alliance, war and oddyssey…)? what does demolition do to the gate - nothing?

A: Yes, Demolition always halves the obstacle’s remaining HP. It doesn’t do anything against the Gate though.

Q: Does Attack Speed increase hero’s hits per minute proportionally to the % of AS? (Whatever the answer more questions will come )

A: When building Olympus Rising back in the day we wanted to make sure that attack animations would not look silly if players stack a lot of Attack Speed. The way it works is that up to 30% the attack animations are sped up and for everything over 30%, every attack will do more damage (proportionally to the AS percentage) which effectively gives you the same dps.

Q: Frostbite: FB slows down the GK for 3 seconds. How much the GK is slowed down?. Does the slow-down effect stack if FB proc in consecutive hits or the latter just replaces to former? When the FB proc and slows down the GK by, say 25%, do the GK’s movements are 25% slower (smoothly) or he/she’s “freezed” by 0.25s every second?

A: Frostbite slows down the GK by 25% for 3 seconds. If it procs again in this time, the effect doesn’t get any stronger but it’s duration is renewed to the full 3 seconds again. The slow effect basically slows down the time for the Gate Keeper (“smoothly”).

Q: if reflected damage is non physical and non elemental there are no options to block them? combined with the damage your gk delas and the amount of health, loh he has you could theoretically calculate the amount of the critical damage reflection an attacking heros has to have before so the gk starts hurting himself (and vice versa). can you provide us with a simple example?
edit: if something like this is valid, does it also hold for units? e.g. phoenix in defence are killing themselves from reflection from hero? [i mean either because attack was more focussed on during odyssey or simply due to something else]

A: Yes, reflected damage can’t be blocked. Reflected damage can also not be reflected back.

The experiment you suggest is indeed very interesting. I believe in a real world scenario (well equipped GK vs. well equipped Hero) it’s not possible to get enough DR so that the GK kills himself by attacking the Hero. If you would still like to try something like this out, you could temporarily put a GK with no LoH at all (I know it’s hard because you can’t easily switch out the Masteries) in your defense and attack with a Hero that has lots of DR (while not spawning any units) and see how long it takes until the GK dies. You could even position your Hero in a way that he/she won’t attack the GK for a proper test.

Q: does fire from phoenix (which is a kind of continous damage) cumulate over time (e.g. units / structure starting to burn) or something like that?

A: No, the Phoenix’ Flame Beam does constant dps as long as it’s attacking a target.

Q: concerning the regeneration perk: in normal combat you need to do a short break from attacking (or run between barricades or towers or even backwards like the autoplay does) and after a while your hero start to regenerate. (if i am wrong, can you please bring some clarification?)
Is this also the case for gatekeepers? because GK do not make an active break, they just attack. does regeneration work different here?
Or is it possible that the GK also regenerates between his attack-swings (e.g. if regeneration is realy high) and if so, is this also true for normal heros - can they regenerate between normal attack-swings or something like that?

A: Regeneration works exactly as you described it. After a few seconds of not taking any damage, your Hero will start to regenerate HP.

Regeneration does NOT work for the GK.

No, neither the Hero nor the GK should regenerate any HP between attacks, unless they have cast a healing Power recently (e.g. Jason’s Golden Fleece).

Q: Concerning the 2 units of damage area (and not area damage) of Ajax’ Frenzy, Madlen said that it makes the area of damage wider. Does it increase the reach of Ajax? Could you please provide pictures with the area of damage highlighted with and without Frenzy?

A: Not sure whether I understood the question correctly. All damage areas (be it Area Damage, Damage Reflection, Zeus/Hades normal attacks or Frenzy) use the same cone (110° angle, range 2.0). Unless you are talking about the GK which at the highest level (and size) has a range of 2.7.

Q: Does Cyclops’ rage increase movement and attack speed of other nearby units?

A: No, it doesn’t.

Q: Can damage of the explosions of sacrificed units of Tartarus be reflected by Damage Reflection? Same question with the damage of the black holes of the Chaos Gate (I think that NaN asked about this).

A: Yes, all types of damage done to the Hero/GK can be reflected, the only exception being damage that was already reflected, so it doesn’t bounce back and forth.

Q: What’s the damage multiplier of Trebuchet to heroes and GK?

A: 3


Thank you! That perfectly answered my question :blush:

However, I am still puzzled by a few things:

My Ajax with Frenzy can’t touch the Nyx …

While Cyclops with range of 1.0 can destroy it (do you specially favour this unit Cap? :wink:)

Reflected damage with range of 2.0 can’t touch the Nyx either.


nice observations. maybe bc the cyclops are big enough to reach the flying nyx (as other units that can do harm to nyx are either ranged or flying too?)

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