April/May Questions


Greetings Olympians,

We have made the decision to make these Q&A sessions bi-monthly. Since we often take some time to reply, it is sometimes already time to lock the next thread when the answers arrive.

We also want to take the pressure off the Dev team, because the answers often require quite some research or data collection, and this takes away from the development of the game.

So. Go for it!

Cheers,- Captain Morgan


Q: when a phoenix dies (after a moral drain by nyx) and comes to life again, is the moral of himself and the tropps it brings back free of moral drain (again 100% moral also) or is this the same value when they died the first time? and have nyx towers more effect on the moral of resurrected units (like they also die quicker in combat*)?

Q: what are health*/moral/ and other stats of units that a phoenix brings back to life?


[*) edit: concerning health: this has been answered with march answers, thx.

- Rebirth for Phoenix? Max # units that can be respawn or is there a max amount of morale points

Rebirth will revive up to 6 nearby units. Their HP when being revived depends on their total Morale cost. The reference Morale value is 12. If it’s below that (or exactly 12), they will be revived with 100% HP. If it’s higher they will only get a fraction of their HP back, e.g. at 24 Morale they will be revived with 50% HP.



When we will get next version?

Also can you please provide us with a sneak peek ? of it.


Any plans to add a chat/message/inbox feature in-game???

Why has this not been implemented so far ?

Can we debate on it ?


first i would like the existing chat to be repaired, so we dont have to write messages double or even tripple times before they are displayed >_< (or a new system does replace the existing one)


i have not found dev infos about it (did not went through all official infos and search function seems not to work well - just gained 0 results searching for “demolition”…

Q: how does/should demolition work also in combination with normal damage, area damage and frostbite-proc (actually the two proc of frostbite and demolition does multiply damage instead of adding? does the order of those two proc also plays a role?)?

Q: is it true that demolition takes away 50% from the remaining barricade / tower-structure health regardless of the heros own strength or level or the total health and level of the structures (and what about buffs from alliance, war and oddyssey…)? what does demolition do to the gate - nothing?


I didn’t notice so much in the past, but the 50% seems to be the case, and you can check it easy. It is regardless of your damage, and acts as a % of you demo. I dont think it depends on anything else, except say AS which was confirmed affects are perks on swing/hits.

The demo/fb should not happen (it destroys the structure on hit regardless of remaining health - even at 100%). This means it basically doubles/triples that 50%, which makes sense how fb multiplies damage, and how demo works alone. However it was confirmed it should not proc together, and if they do, I assume it should be the damage+fb effect plus 50% demo… not demo x fb, which makes it 100% or 150%

Demo does nothing to the gate/GK.


I think that FB works fine with other perks, e.g. LoH, stun, petrify, … even when both perks proc at the same time. The reason FB+demo is a “bug”, imo, is because of the mechanism of demo. What makes demo different from other perks about? Demo replaces damage. FB is supposed to make 3X damage, but if the damage is replaced by smth else, then that smth else might be multiplied by 3. It’s just a speculation of course, but it might give a hint on how to fix the bug.


so instead of replacing, the fix would be just to juse a max function that uses the maximum of the normal calculated damage (+ fb and stuff) and the demo-damage? but demo and fb SHOULD stack, as given in the jan/feb answers… maybe they should stack additive, not by multiply - but its difficult since demo behalfs totally different to other damage sources if described above (and the 50% health reduction is recalculated into a corresponding damage value)…


Q: Does demolition and frostbite “stack”? If they both proc on the same hit vs a tower or barricade, will it double the damage of the demolition-enhanced attack? If so, is this intended, particularly in light of the recent buff to frostbite?

Yes, Demolition and Frostbite stack and can proc on the same hit. It’s not intended that the Frostbite proc increases the Demolition damage though.


I’ve noticed a difference with different amounts of stun, possibly with AS too… The devs never confirmed it, but they should be checking the effect, now that we have found general evidence. I like your explanation of demo or/and with fb, it makes sense I guess, and isolates the problem to demo alone, but with bugs, anything is possible.

Well if demo works as Marinien said, they should not stack, and why should they? It makes demo OP, replacing the actual damage makes more sense in my opinion. However, like I said earlier it should be 50% + the damage or the fb damage if they would stack together without the bug. I don’t think that is particularly hard, we have a lot of units that do different set of damages.


i took this from the dev answer above - but maybe it is a state of the art description and not how it should be.


I know, but there have been incidents where they have made mistakes (they are humans, even if CM refers to us as mortals, he is certainly one too ? ). Most of the time, if you see their responses are “should” and “if not, it’s not intended”. It’s understandable, because it’s different what you want to do, and what the actual result is… especially in coding. Most recently I think you or Neptune or Marinien, got a response, and then replied back, and finally it was corrected again by devs (last months Q&A, Madlen mentioned it). Based on that, I always search for the truth if my gut says it works differently. 

There are a few not-confirmed bugs or how things work which are floating in the air. I am not convinced on a few things, but since I can’t yet prove it, I am not engaging in a conversation, their opinion surely matters more (like Helen’s power, on last part of Q&A).


Do you plan to revise the strength of all Invocations? There are immortal GK out there… by using 2 invocations at the same time, you still do not scratch them. Maybe implementing a 3X damage formula vs GK could be good? I would suggest you as devs to try some 1mil. health GK with your best heroes and let`s see the outcome.


Thats what it currently is apparently 3x damage for both the GK and the hero! Its just the fact that you can refine all resistances on and have max DR at 63%, and well over 1M health with masteries etc. Ive said many times taking 84% of heroes stats and applying to GK is way too high. Wont be long until we all have GKs we cant kill without invocs and some that wont be killable even with them. 

I would agree with Neptunes suggestion the devs run tests against the top 50 players GKs with their best hero with good refines and see what they discover! 

Maybe theres new perks coming that maybe give armour penetration perk vs GK or 5x damage vs GK or something. Im guessing theres something in the pipeline as they must have realised that GKs would become immortal again!


Do developers have a plan to atleast sort out demolition and frostbite bug?

Also are developers aware that nerfing gatekeepers will make game a lot easy.Then everyone can autoplay any defense all day.


Immortal gk can be killed without invocations,I have seen and killed lots of 1 million health Gatekeepers.

It just require careful selection of hero and units or perks on Heroes.

All heroes require different tactics to beat beast gks but it is still do able.

Tartarus invocation always kill gk no matter how much health they have.

Recently i met lot of talented players who are killing best gks in game without invocation with different heroes.

I have seen Odysseus, Helen, Ariande kill best gks in game without any invocation even Jason and Prometheus too!!!


I still agree with Neptunes suggestion that the devs need to test some GKs at the top end, I really dont believe that the statue was designed to take so much damage and be almost indestructible from any massive army and hero that attacks with good time to spare. 

Theres a chance to make all heroes pretty good with enough refines, but that said you would need 3 war heroes with fully refined gear to take on a top alliance in TL soon and have a chance at taking 100% from your battles. 

Weve seen what max powers-troops etc can do, but lets be honest against a hard GK troops really dont last long and powers barely scratch them.  

I havent really begun to refine my GK, and yet I have nearly 1M health on it, and rarely see 100% without gems these days, even from players I know have max powers- and troops.


Gks are kill able my friend.You just need to make some killer heroes

I always managed to kill your gk ??? without invocation and on autoplay too.



So that’s just Cadmus then… now you’re putting yourself under pressure!


In time I will prepare more Heroes but for now I need to reach level 150 so that I can prepare good items without loss of thier effectiveness.

I am not preparing any great Heroes right now. Just keeping three Heroes ready for war and two for clearing maps.