Arblaster/Archer Improvements

The Arblaster ought to be a high rate of fire low accuracy unit. 

Therefore in a showdown between an Archer and an Arblaster, the Arblatster will rarely ever hit his target therefore the Archer will win.

But when it comes to shooting down a swarm of Knights the Arblaster can’t miss therefore the Arblaster would be more preferable to slaughtering the swarms of Knights.

So increase the Arblaster’s attack and decrease the Arblaster’s accuracy. 

We know that the arblaster has a high fire rate, but who gave you the idea that it should have low accuracy?

Maybe in real life and to let it look more realistic, but in Royal Revolt 2 it’s not the case. Once a ranged royal revolt troop fires, they are hitting the target. It has always been the case ever since this game was out.

An arblaster shoots over further distance, so his arrow arrives with more speed, so it should do more damage to troops in comparison with archers. Logical, maybe, but do I ask for that? Nope.

My hero never was able to avoid any damage of a ranged troop. You name the ranged unit, archer, froster, pyro, cannon, arblaster, mortar. Once a troop shoots, whatever they shoot will always hit the target.

I totally disagree with this. What’s next? Knights have a shield, so should they reflect the damage of missiles and bombs from towers?  Maybe they should make it possible that arblasters can shoot the explosive arrows of archers out of the air, let them explode above the archers and do heavy damage there? No thank you, no need for this.

To simplify your argument is they currently don’t have the capacity to miss.  So it’s a bad idea.  Too bad they didn’t hire you for the motivational speaker in Wilbur and Orval Wright’s school.

“Since the beginning of time man hasn’t flown.  Never has been this way.  I totally disagree with this flight thing…”

A normal man can’t survive a cannonbal, so why the hero does survive many hits? Reason is that it’s a game. In real life also no man ever has thrown a spell like swordrain, sonic blast and so on, so we must eliminate that also?

In this game all ranged troop shoot 100% hits, it has been all the time this way, so accept it.

And if someone disagrees with you, don’t start to make it personal.



I’m not making it personal.  I’m just not sure why you have to make it stupid. 

Again your argument is since the beginning of time man has never flown so Wilbur and Orval, I know it seems like a good idea, but it can’t be done.

To put in Royal Revolt terms

Since the beginning of the game there has never been an unkillable unit…But now there’s the dragon. 

Since the beginning of the game there has only been no new kind of damage, but now there’s lighting. 

Since the beginning of the game you could only get pearls from spending gems, but now there’s the Black Smith.

You don’t have a point, you’re just saying words.



Similar like your suggestion Maerique, nice suggestion, but be realistic. I don’t like the idea and disagree, it’s nothing personal.

Maerique. Your observation of the arblaster is erratic. Please check again. You argue for nothing and with the wrong person. Dena4 didn’t program the game.

The fact is that an arblaster never misses. The moment the arrow was fired, it will hit the target. The opponent unit can run or move, it does not matter.

Moreover, this fact is right for all of the ranged units in the game. Cannons, archers, frosters, pyros, even mortars. They will always hit the target, regardless of it’s future location.

The only units that can miss are a close contact units. Best example is the Ogre.


It’s true no in game units currently miss. 

The fact that is hasn’t been done is in fact a reason to do it.

Ask, Wilbur and Orval.

What we need in the game is more variation which is created by new things that haven’t been done!


Actually, there is only one person in history that I deeply adore and respect - Thomas Edison. His genius was in the fact that he succeeded to turn most of his inventions into commercial profit.

Also, he was a multidisciplinary genius. From electricity to sound and movies.

I do respect the Wright brothers and their place on the pages of history (an Aerospace engineer myself…), but they have used an existing technology and just took it one step further.

Think this thread is off-topic.



Yeah, you have the imagination for games like Gummy Drop.

Thank you Maerique, I’m flattered… :slight_smile:

Active sports is the best solution for accumulated anger and bad energies.

This suggestion is simply bad. In general cases, arblaster should be able to always defeat an archer before the archer kills him before, come on, arbs cost double the morale.And archers are not useless units for you to think to make them relatively better

Ed, stop worshipping a liar… He wasn’t a genius at all, he was only smart at business, but he stole inventions from his students, and the most imporant of all: Nikola Tesla. Now that’s a genius!

Indeed. Nicola Tesla was a great genius and some of his ideas are still a mystery to be solved. But what did he do with his inventions? Nada. Only research and research… And please also remember that he only lived on other people’s money.

Thomas Edison. He’s the greatest! :slight_smile:



Tesla was sponsored sometimes because his ideas were worth it. He could have done a lot with his inventions, but sadly not all the time people wanted to support the ideas, he wasn’t rich so he couldn’t afford to extend them by himsef.

Edison sucks, he only made the capitalism work on the stolen ideas…

And this is so off-topic, we should stop this…

Hey Maerique,

My nickname is Papa bear, not gummy bear :slight_smile: .

-1. Idea’s are always welcome.

Not up with the idea. The problem here is Arbs cost a lot of money to develop, and then you invest in its range and firing rate. You will definitely expect a good outcome for an investment. Maybe level 1 or 2 can be what you desire for but at higher levels their accuracy should dramatically be the best.

Moreover, lower level units (Archer) always suffer from accuracy issues not higher and superior level units.

Already we suffer from Orge being lazy and missing some towers.




It’s actually an easy change, if you have a little creativity Wilbur and Orval Wright (which I understand you don’t have). 

But all you need to do is change the Arblaster to doing area effect damage.  Then preferably, change the animation so the arrows appear a little more erratic (but not really necessary). 

And then you’ve transformed two uselessly similar units: Arblaster and Archer into two unique units.

Arblaster good for mowing down hordes of Knights.  And I’d have to test it, but probably even good for mowing down hordes of Archers.  But not good for one on one combat.


Arbs with area effect? Do you mean Power Archers? You want to make them more different but you just made them even more similar. Arbs are fine just like they are…

So you actually seem to possess a crystal skull and you became a fortune teller, how you could otherwhise possibly know I have no creativity? As a mobile developer myself and database guru I need to be very creative. To be clear, I am no game developer and don’t work for Flare.

I give you credits, since you come up with lots of suggestions, some I like, some I don’t. And this point I disagree.

That you like plus forged archers is your choice, I respect that. I invested in other troops like arblasters instead and you suggest a very negative change for a troop what would be unfair.

I told in another topic, a troop has to be in range to do damage, it’s known that archers get first blow, so if you use them, invest in health to make them survive plus… a littlebit on range so that they don’t have to take damage all the time, even better, use troops that help them to survive…

Like me and others explained is that game mechnics are that troops never miss. And you suggest to change it? What would happen, a tsunami of players who invested heavily in arbs will complain and quit. Flare can’t constantly mes around on basic principles that hve been there since start of this game. Like I said, knights should deflect arrows, but in fact they don’t.