Arblaster x Archer

Hello guys

I’m in doubt with which its better to use in offensive and defensive. Archer or Arblaster… When i played alone without alliance i used to play with arblaster lvl1( I was so noob, just play to spend time) then i start to understand how to play better, and start to upgrade the archer… and now the arblaster… My archer its lvl 11 going to 12  and the arblaster lvl 4… I got the frenzi arblaster right now, but since i started to use the archer with the alliance boost… i love it, and i’m think that the archer its so much better than the arblaster… But it’s true?

Another thing that i’m in doubt its about the towers, i’m putting just: skull towers, snake and the firebolt, i have 3~4 bomb, but i’m looking to trade with lighting tower… I notice that top10 players use bomb towers. Its good? I have already up to lvl max castle gate. I have 20 towers and 15 barricades.

Now a days i have 5 Snakes

6 Firebolts

5 Skulls

4 Bombs

Whats can i change and, which its better to upgrade first? I have 6 workers.


Thanks :slight_smile:

To be the best 5bomb,5gargoyle,5skull,5lighting.arblaster health and range perk to the max then u r immortal or I can say 99%ppl will fail ur base

Which towers need to be boosted? I guess at least bomb and gargoyle tower? Lightning boost seems unreachable right now … Do your health perked arblasters (and frenzies?) still die in one shot of max swordrain?

U don’t win if there is non boost,what I mention is all boosted tower and troops

arblaster health perk +15,can’t die with one shoot of blizzard max


For me its Archer. You can easily upgrade them at max at level 13 without problem and you can boost them at +20 or more because of the low cost Pearls and you can activate Power Archer 24/7. In offensive that cost only 2 morales

Arblaster cost high to upgrade them at level 8 and the War Boost are available only if you win 1st during War Season. Plus I am sure the boost cost like 250 pearls if fail like 500 pearls. To boost them at +20 or more you need to spend over 10K or more. In offensive you need 4 morales to summon them and more difficult to do huge army

but good question. Today if someone test Power Archer level 4 or more at level 13 boost at +25 VS Arblaster level 8 with Frenzy Frost Blaster at +25 who win?

if someone have this answer

Unboosted archer is useless. Obviously. Between power archer and arblaster (unboosted) i would choose power archer. But that’s depend on their level. If your archer is going to lvl 12 and your arbs is lvl 4,keep using power archer. Frenzy frost blaster is way better than power archer. Between these 2,you can use frenzy arbs. They are better on defense as well. Sadly i must say that power archer dies too fast even if shielded. So in my opinion if you upgrade arbs to at least lvl 6,they are very good even unboosted. 

Let me tell you my opinion by comparing strengths and weaknesses of both. I will compare power archer with frenzies since it’s fair to compare boosted ones. 

Power archer:

  • Morale 2, range 3.5, speed 1.73, attack rate 1
  • Possible forges health, damage and range


  • Morale 4, range 5.5, speed 1.73, attack rate 4
  • Possible forges health, range and attack rate

Power archer is very vurnerable to all kind of effects, like slowdown by ice, while frenzie is very weak to poison. Speed is equal so that we leave out of comparison. Morale of archers is lower, so it’s easier to get an entire army of them. health of power archers is higher so with a few forges we can make them survive a blizzard (unless blizzard is forged to do extra damage). It’s also possible for a frenzy to forge that, but it takes more forges to accomplish that. To be honest, I rather face a troop of just surviving archers than a troop of just surviving frenzies (they heal each other when dying and my instant spell blizzard is in cooldown!)

Archers do massive damage when they are in range and range is definitely in the advantage of frenzies. However, I did mark when on purpose. You have to make sure that they survive until they are in range.  

Towers from opposite lane are out of range of archers and we can’t improve range that much that they are able to hit those towers. And… since their range is much lower than other ranged troops, they will be suffering blows first. So there is a risk that they get heavy damage or are even killed before they can do any damage. Worst part is that when they come in range, the first archers that start to fire block the others behind it and prevent them to come in range. So the ones blocked even don’t do any damage at all, they are just wasting precious time. This is the case when firing at towers and ranged troops. I rather have 10 shooting frenzies than 5 shooting archers, while the other 15 are doing nothing.

Range of frenzies we definitely can improve and that is definitely in their advantage. Frenzies range can be improved similar to range of a firebolt and with their attack rate they can kill anything before it’s even close. They can hit skulls on opposite side by default and outshoot other troops, including storm cannons after forging their range. The ones behind don’t wait, since the ranged troops come closer, and enter their range triggering them to start fire also. When frenzies shoot at towers on opposite lane, some will walk further, since the path isn’t blocked. And… they outshoot frosters when range is forged, something an archer will never be able to do. So from whatever point of view you look. Archers are getting hit first by defending ranged troops, while frenzies are able to deliver the first damage.

Did you ever face a base with only storm cannons (those that survive all kind of spells, except bladestorm!) and tried to raid them with power archers or frenzies both with improved range? When those storm cannons start to fire from opposite lane, there is not a lot you can do (unless you forged a lot of stun on swordrain). With power archers, my army stands no chance and the archers are slaughtered before even getting a chance to fire, while with frenzies with improved range I can easily survive, due to the healing and ice power of them.

On the long term we can even forge attack rate of frenzies. Standard frenzies shoot 4 arrows a second doing enough damage. Knowing that we can improve with forges around 30% average, we can improve attack rate to over 5 arrows a second.

Archers have more firepower, but that only helps when you are able to shoot. Since they get more hits, I need to protect them more. I can keep spawning them, but with 1:10 left on the clock both frenzies and archers won’t make it to the gate. Frenzies I can keep alive, but with power archers that’s not the case.

To be honest, it depends which troop has my favor in offense. When I meet a base with boosted ogres plus wolf, I like to use power archers, since I don’t want to exchange my blizzard for bladestorm. When there are ranged troops in there I favor frenzies. It all depends on spells I use and troops/towers I am going to face. When I switch to bladestorm I prefer frenzies then I at least have long range support, even against boosted ogre + wolf. I increased my range close to 6 already and they do an outstanding job. Skull towers don’t even fire and are competely taken down by the frenzies.

When I have just arblasters and power archers, I sometimes still prefer the arblasters. I like the archers for doing massive damage on towers when I reach them, but sometimes I run out of time with them, while with arblasters with improved range I don’t seem to have that problem. Mortars can kill arblasters for sure, but they only have 5 range and fire very slowly. When I have a bunch of arblasters, a mortar can’t even fire once before it’s shot down.

When archer is unboosted, I will not use it, arblaster unboosted I will still consider using. I think it’s a personal matter of taste. Some like archers more, but when planning ahead and considering possible range, I give my personal favor to arblasters.

I add that today archer is going to get the special boost season: Super Ranger. So the range is better. Keep using archer for now until you upgrade arbs to max.

Thank you everybody, my alliance its not too good, they just keep archer and knight 24/7… so i’ll keep my archer. Then i upgrade it in max, i’ll focus on arblaster…

I’m upgrading the archer and knight. when i start to play the game, i didnt get any tip… just keep playing to spend time… 2months ago i start to play hard and understand the game better.