Archer scuba diving elite boost

Here I was, chilling out while playing my ninjas…
When I noticed something strange…

“Is that… an archer down below? TAKING A SWIM?”

After a few retries, I could replicate the bug and do a recording of the level.

You can check the bug here:

I tried using scream several times, to show how the archer is still there.
You can check the bug at: 00:01-04, 00:16-00:19, 00:37, 1:16, 1:26-1:28.

The poor guy couldn’t stand the heat no longer I guess  :wink:

Was the archer dealing damage at all? Cause if it is then it would seem to be a similar bug to the Pro Archer bug, where it moves off the path and it still attacks

Nope Awesomest.

If you check for example at 1:26, you can see that the Archer never lifts a finger. Maybe he’s out of range, if we think in a 3D view.

The unit has basically become totally useless.

An Archer may be fine, but I just hope this doesn’t happen with high morale units (e.g.: Ogres, Wolves, e.t.c…) and that it’s only on the ninjas map.

My bad, I didn’t realize it was a video

That’s too funny!  It would almost look as if the aqua-archer is directly underneath the ascension archer.  Could that be the cause?  You wouldn’t see it during a normal raid because there are no docks above ground level like the ninjas.   Neat find!


Good point, I didn’t notice that.

Perhaps the Archer below is fishing to feed the pro-archer?

We know that Pro Archer that’s being fed has got a big appetite…that’s why he’s so big!

He’s searching for mermaids… the next Pal in the game ?