Archer Tower vs Firebolt Tower

My latest experiment concerning Archer Tower vs Firebolt Tower.


Archer Tower vs Firebolt Tower


The results was predictable to me as I sensed the effect during my experiences in battle.


I would like to point out Firebolt Towers aren’t exactly superior to Archer Towers in every aspect! This is especially true for its DPS during later parts of the game! 


Firebolt Towers might still have immunity against melee and somewhat superior range but not all the time!


Worst part is Archer Towers can still be Boosted!! Further kicking Firebolt Tower’s butt!


Boo hoo me (I have like 10 Firebolt Towers  :slightly_frowning_face:

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its actually arrow tower. no big deal tho :slight_smile:

You have not included a very important aspect of Firebolts in your tests - the ability to shoot fast and set fire to an entire army.


Try adding tests that involves units, that way it’d be more fair…


After all, there’s a reason why it’s a must in every top player’s base.

I agree, tests vs units would give the judgement a more representative result.


But firebolt towers are no must for top lvl bases. Skulls are a must there, and anything else (in terms of towers) is optional. Some have only skulls, some mix in some boosted bomb or firebolt towers, some have relatively many firebolt towers, some also have snakes (though, getting less and less), but the only must is skulls. 



I Agree with you that Skull Tower is a must. Firebolt Tower, Snake Tower and Bomb Tower are now the Optional choices. I’m just saying Archer Towers could totally fit into the Optional category! Into the Kingslayer category(Snake Tower and Archer Tower can totally HURT Kings!)


I’m aware that top level it’s pretty much like 3-5 ish Firebolt Towers at hard to reach places(Waste time to kill), while using majority Skulls Towers(Tank, Aoe, Highest DPS when you cant toss bombs back which is the case for Troops) and 3-6 Elite Boosted Bomb Tower(Longest range, Tank, Aoe, Can’t be Toss back by Troops)


Most people preferred Skull + Bomb combo to eliminate Troops. No one bothers on killing the King anymore…


The key point here is, Archer Tower can out DPS Firebolt Towers on Kings, especially late game. Have longer range at certain points and still boostable! Why aren’t people using them as Optionals? 

My predictions:

A) Top players use them as trap towers (since they just do murder against boosts arbs)

B ) Lower players see the to players using them, and assume that they’re better xD

In addition, Firebolts cannot be attacked cross-lane. I’m quickly finding my elite arbs in affective against them, as well as are my cannons ._. Cannons, definitely, are a major reason to have Firebolt towers… But only when placed strategically.

In addition, Firebolts are quite hard to get to. If you put it behind a Lv.14 Boosted Barricade, it get be an entire 7 seconds before the enemy king could even touch it.

However you need some few Firebolt towers to “break” the recover of king’s health otherwise if there are only skulls tower you can pass throughout path without getting damage from them ^^ (leaving aside waves)

Did some follow up of both Tower’s durability, 


Arrow Tower vs Range Troops                

Firebolt Tower vs Range Troops   


Firebolt Tower wins in majority Troops combo hands down,


but I discovered something interesting about Arblasters! They might not be dealing Piercing Damage!?!?!? OMFG


If this is true, RR has way more coding bugs than i thought!