Archimedes Pal & Offense Beast Buff

Hi there,

We are thinking about buffing Archimedes Pal & Offense Beast:

  • Increased attack rate of the Stun spell 50%.
  • Furthermore, we think about adding a Start Morale perk to the Archimedes Pal. I.e. +50% Start Morale on Level 1.

What’s your take on this? Any further ideas?

Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you!

You could also add Blunt-Damage to the Stun Ability. Just as the Spell has.

Having a Start Morale perk would be really cool, but I like @orko’s idea as well. The Stun spell has the ability to have Blunt Damage forged on. Having some of that added to Archimedes would be great as well. Right now, Arch isn’t terrible, but he’s not anywhere near a pal that I would ever use, so he definitely needs some sort of buff! Thanks for the info Madlen

I would like to have

1.  its stun more ranged and additional blunt damage.

2.  most importantly I think it will be much better if special ability of archimedes stuns the enemies as usual but also have chance to just cancel the effect of Howl on  Enemy troops, but not every troop, there must be a chance (like Aki has of confusuon which not confuses every troop) and also (not stun them).

3.  This one is also need to be done that as a flying pal, Archimedes should be able to damage lightining, and firebolt towers with its normal attack.

That could make her very useful pal.

I think the start morale buff would’ve been a better solution to the Janus issue or even pro pals in general, Archimedes is not a troop pal like Janus but a pierce/stun pal similar to Eris.

Looking more closely at the blunt idea option to differentiate Eris and Archimedes damage types (lightning/pierce vs blunt/pierce) I do think is a better investment, helps fill that more general role though I do get the idea of having a wise owl, but I do relate start morale closer to a pro stat in general thanks to iconic items like the Omega helmet. Just my two cents.

Mean stun spell cooldown will decrease from 10 sec to 5 sec?

Well, that would be awesome!

That would be OP. (it’s actually about ~12s to 6s).

I’m guessing it’s refering to Archimede’s own stun, not the king’s stun spell.

Hi guys, we are playing around with the following stats for Archimedes Pal. What do you think?

Archimedes Pal:

  • Increased attack range of normal attack to 2.2 (for now). This enables it to attack Firebolt and Lightning towers as well as over path borders.
  • In addition, we added a decent amount of blunt damage to its stun spell. Like the pearl upgraded stun spell, the idea here is to increase its effectiveness against towers. We are currently testing ~1k-3k added blunt damage depending on the level, but these blunt damage numbers are not final. What do you think of this approach?

Looking forward to your opinions. (As known, nothing of this is final or confirmed yet).

Could this also be increased to eris pal?

I think incresed attack range would be enough for the balancing if the duration is enough, i.e.10 sec for the effect and 5 sec cooldown (Wow!!)

No need to have damage. ?

My hero can go to destroy,

Well @Madlen I was thinking that its a good step team has taken and I think that blunt damage of archimedies should be effective against troops and especially towers.

But it would be more awesome if the stun spell of archimedies should also cancels the effect of Howl on enemy troops(if present). But not all troops, just a chance that affects some troops according to chance percentage. Lile Aki has for confusion.

I think that’d be a great step. Maybe lower the damage down a bit to only 1k or so (3k seems like a bit much), since the stun will allow other troops and the king to attack it without getting hit, but other than that it sounds great!! The range upgrade would be very nice! Hope you guys can make all that stuff happen

This would be awesome. 

That would definitely make Archimedes a better and more usable pal.

Enough attack range to reach Firebolt and Lightning towers is a basic thing that all pals should have.

My problem with Archimedes is the same with Eris, it’s just not a very useful pal against the meta

Again, mainly a problem with immunities. Defenses are now full of Gargoyle and Snake towers, and Archimedes doesn’t really help against any of them because they just keep spawning enemies even when stunned.

BTW is the attack rate of the Stun spell still gonna be increased by 50%? That’s one thing that sounds really interesting

I think considering the current dynamics including damage is appropiate, because is a different gameplay in comparison of others support pets (not damage makers, but heal, buff and shield casters), stun alone doesn’t damage or buff and can be interrupted.

  • The zombies still can bite

  • The spawning towers (toxic and gargoyles) will keep spawning.

  • The stun can be interrupted by the wolf’s howl.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. We appreciate it.

We agree that this does not make a lot of sense. We will look into it and most likely make a change for the new version, which will not only affect Archimedes, but every stun source in the game. The stun spell, the stun perk on the Swordrain as well as the Stun Chance perk will also prevent those towers from spawning units.

Thanks for pointing this out! ?


With upcoming patch 4.4 Archimedes’ pal ability will be improved. In addition to the stun, its spell will deal blunt damage as well.

With regards to this thread:

We decided to not increase the above-mentioned stun duration of only 0,1 sec on high levels because of the following reasons: 1.) The Archimedes Pal Power perk will also increase the newly added blunt damage of Archimedes’ stun spell. One perk will upgrade both effects of the spell.  2.) 7.5 seconds on a lvl8 Archimedes is enough already to keep obstacles and units in a stun lock. Adding 0,1s or 0,5s will not make a difference while stationary with Archimedes, it will only slightly increase the stun duration on targets that are hit once.


When will we get the patch 4.4 ?

This / next week or later? more changes? :slight_smile:

I’m excited …