Archimedes' Wisdom cape

I remember someone posting about this some time ago, but I’ve found a few more pal perks items now, and after comparing them I just had to bring this up again  

  • Aki normal status / using boots to increase Aki’s power: +2.2%

Hi Darkerion,

  • we fixed the display bug:  wrong stun duration of Archimedes in 4.2.0

  • As for the rest. I have forwarded your feedback. We agree it seems a bit low.

However, to me this seems more like a discussion thread for the pals&beast section or something you could even mention in the Archimedes buff- discussion thread, would you agree?

The technical issue you have mentioned was fixed and the rest is discussion material. Please let me know in which area you would like to have this thread moved, I am fine with either. 

Thank you.


Well, it’s not really about a pal, it’s about an item. That’s why I didn’t make the thread there

And after comparing it with other items with pal perks, it seems like Archimedes’ Wisdom cape was really not working properly, when showing 0.8s but adding only 0.1s stun. So I was hoping that answer was just a mistake and the item had indeed a bug on the increased duration. That’s why I did the thread on this section

But if you still insist it was really just a display bug on the description, instead of an item that really should be adding 0.8s and not only 0.1s, even after I showed how other pal perks work. All right then ?

I don’t even have that item anymore anyway 
I received it during the festival, but didn’t check item description, so I sold it after seeing it increased only +0.1s stun. Completely useless.
Then I saw a topic here about the +0.8s on the item description, that would make the item useful. So I bought a new one, and then we got a dev answer saying it was a display bug and I sold the item again 

[edit] I don’t really mind which area the thread is located. You can place it where you think it fits the best 


Flare, please do the math properly.

Please look for a further answer here: