Are all secondary item boost temporary?

In other words if I get a helmet that has secondary leadership does that leadership get used up like the secondary shields?

Once you wear it you get the boost, once you remove it you don’t have the boost

I think you misunderstood me. If I have armor with 5000 hp and 2000 poison protection that 2000 poison protection does not regenerate during battle after being used up.

My question is does that also apply to other secondary item boost like leadership and damage?

That is for just the armor. What about all the other gear?

Like mss73 posted and like Heroesflorian wrote: the shield (from poison, from fire, and so on)  works as a permanent damage reduction, and not as a one-time damage absorption. So it is permanently for all the battle. Also permanently for all other type of gears.

It works also if you have leadership or gold or everything else. Otherwsie it wouldn’t make sense if your leadership decrease as you spawn troops =)

Its not limited… The leadership increases recharge for the entire battle… Its not like the poison protection etc.

So it looks like we have two different camps of thinking. One thinks the protection is permanent the other thinks they are used up within the raid.

I would love to get some official answer to this.

Makes sense for the leadership and other secondary item boost though.

Permanent. Have you did some tests like him?


So you have a permanent protection that you pass 1 snake tower under or 2-3-4-5 times under the same snake tower, your health decrease at the same time as you pass the first time, this because your poison shield has a permanent protection on you. If not wasn’t you could see a big difference of decreasing health already at the second time you pass it (because snake tower do a lot of damage so it should remove your poison protection in few seconds).

Nope I have never done any real test. I am not sure where I and other members have gotten the information that the protection wears off during a raid. This is why we as players need official information from flaregames to this just like we got detailed numbers for the elite knight issue. Thanks for your input on this thread.

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Let him continue looped and waiting for the official response :slight_smile:



No single time protection exists. If people can not themselves understand that the damage begin to get from the first moment, it is their problem.

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It’s entirely fair for him to seek clarification on his questions - and to repeat them if the responses he receives are passed off as adequate answers when they’re not.

@jimingo: don’t feel like you can’t ask questions, despite the reception a few might offer. Before anything else, the forum is organized to educate players, and you’re well within bounds to ask for more information if you feel like related info already posted doesn’t provide sufficient answers.

On the topic: I agree - though they’ve more-or-less been reverse-engineered by players, an “official” explanation of how these buffs work would be great. Good idea to propose in the expanded FAQ project thread elsewhere in the forum.

A small tip on this topic that might help:

In my observation, these status buffs all alter the *rate* at which their designated stat changes.

Leadership items raise or lower the rate at which the leadership bar replenishes. In answer to your original question, the secondary leadership buff (in the lower right corner of the gear window) increases the speed the bar fills back up. It is a constant buff that lasts the entire duration of the raid.

A simple test illustrates this: 1) enter raid, 2) completely deplete leadership bar by spamming troops. 3) measure rate at which bar refills. 4) Once full, repeat steps 2 & 3 for the time remaining, measuring the time-to-refill on each. Observation: the rate never slows. You can also enter with no leadership items (i.e. your base leadership stat only) and measure the time-to-refill: it will be considerably slower/longer.

Similarly, because the “elemental” buffs are mitigating status/damage-over-time (DoT) ailments, Poison/Fire/Ice shield modify the rate at which those ailments deplete health. Their application, as Heroesflorian demonstrated, is instant (that is, the hero isn’t invulnerable for an initial period that lasts until the damage sustained > your gear’s buff score). How fast or slow the ailment depletes health is a function of the defensive buff score your gear features. The higher the score, the less damage per second the status ailment deals.

Not a complete answer, but hope it clears up matters a little.

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