Are any alliances using the General?

The Great Jimingos are a low level alliance with 28 members and we are discussing wether we even need a General. I would love to get others opinion on this matter.

I use since today the option for a General to a very trusted person.

More importent for me is, there is a second person to manage the alliance just in case.


I’m not getting any younger :grinning:

We have 6 generals.  That many isn’t necessary at all, but it does give us 24/7 coverage for things such as invites, boosts, etc. and we’ll use them to coordinate.  It’s also a kind of honorarium for several individuals based on their rank, trustworthiness and level of involvement.  The fact that the leader still ultimately has veto power if any one appointed general gets out of line adds a margin of safety.  Still, don’t take a chance on someone you have any question about trusting.  

I might not be a leader or anything but I believe I would(for 40 members) appoint 4 trusted members and assign each of them 9 or so as soldiers then…

We have 1 general so far and going to go up to 3 shortly.  Don’t see the need to go above that.

We now have one General just to test it out. I see the need for a General if you use boost but we really don’t. Trying to focus on upgrading the alliance. Thank you all for your feedback.

They will basically be able to do anything you can do as leader… I promoted four people based in stat like highet donater, highest atk hlth ldr, mot active in forum… Basically the people i want to stay in this alliance