Are boosted vikings useful after the buff?

Personally, I am more afraid of seeing a Necromancer charging up lightning around a howl beast.


Despite the enormous boost in hp, I still find fighting against vikings easier.


What do you guys think?

imho vikings are for offensive against defense that use many boosted necro, but because of the high morale requirements we dont see many people using vikings, werewolf combo

haven’t seen any Vikings used on me and never encountered them in Defense.

Are they really useful?

I have faced boosted ones today. They have more health, yes, but they didn’t do much, cause ogres stun them. Imo, they aren’t worth it. Maybe they are useful against people that don’t use ogres or stun

Downside of Viking is that he attacks slow to be efficient, the consequences are that you and your troops can deal with him in time with no troubles.

I will never trade ogres for the Vikings, although ogres are sometimes very ■■■■■■

I find the last update senseless

I liked them when I first tested but more enemies are getting through my defense so I changed them out. They are clearly designed as an offensive unit, I wish they had been balanced that way as a tank to upgrade over ogres.