Are Lv.120's a detriment, or a gift?

Some recent trash talk has gotten me thinking. Are Lv.120’s really a detriment, or are they a gift?

Most people say that a Lv.120 is bad to have, because he’ll give away 1080 skulls per attack.

However, what most people fail to consider, is that you can only attack one Lv.120 at a time. Meaning that every additional Lv.120 (after the first 3), does no harm.

Skulls given away can be calculated as a function of (50+Level)*6, but for simplicity sake, let’s just use 50+Level. This means that the difference a Lv.90 and a Lv.120, is the difference between 140 and 170. 21.4% more skulls.

However, Lv.120’s can raid much faster and much easier than most other players. Their incredibly high leadership allows them to summon massive armies, and their increased speed allows them to take down more towers per spell. Not to mention, their increased health allows them to rush forward more often than others would, further decreasing the amount of time it takes them to clear a base. Whereas a Lv.90 would require 2min 40sec, a Lv.120 may only require 2min. A 33% increase in raiding efficiency.

Conclusion? There does indeed come a point in which, 1 v 1, a Lv.120 is more effective than a Lv.90. Using our numbers from before, the Lv.120 starts out gaining 140, whereas the Lv.90 starts out gaining 170. However, in the time it takes for the Lv.90 to gain 3.4, the Lv.120 will have already gained 3.7333. Considering the 0.3333 increase (keep in mind, we’re using smaller numbers than what are used in the game. If you want the in-game numbers, multiply everything by 6), it would theoretically take the Lv.120 only 90 raid-periods to catch up to the Lv.90. Although, to the Lv.120, that translates into 120 raids.

And that sucks.

But on the other hand, you have to consider other factors. In defense of the guild of Lv.90’s, it’s really hard to find 55 Lv.120’s who are willing to go that far. But in defense of the Lv.120’s, most guilds have opponents with levels higher than 90, and thus, the Lv.120 can, in reality, gain skulls more quickly than what is described in this example. And since bases don’t get stronger with level, higher-level enemies are of no consequence to the Lv.120. They can still raid the bases just as quickly, but they get more skulls in return. Considering that the first 3 battles matter most, having even just a few high-level kings in the other alliance can dramatically close the gap that existed before, and also gain the Lv.120 more skulls at no consequence. Meaning that, even though it takes the Lv.120 a long time to surpass the Lv.90 in a 1 v 1, the Lv.120 can quickly surpass a guild of Lv.90’s if there’s even one Lv.100 in there.

Overall conclusion? Even though Lv.120’s are detrimental at first, especially the first 3 of them, they become increasingly better for you the more you get. So it’s not so much a matter of Level, but rather, of Homogenosity. If you have three Lv.120’s, but the rest are Lv.90’s, then you bleed the same skulls without much of the benefit. Likewise, if the enemy has 3 high-level kings, then you get the same benefits but with less competition.

Although it would be hard to create, a guild full of Lv.120’s could potentially wipe everybody else out. Given enough Food, of course (;

Leveling from 100 to 120 costs about 8 000-10 000$ :slight_smile:

To not mention that if level 100 is the highest before level 120, the gap between them is about 100-150 skulls.

Let’s say it’s 100. 40 players completed 120 level players base for their top 3, it’s 4000 pure bonus skulls for the enemy. So, to compensate that, level 120 player must earn 7000+ skulls.

I’d say - never spend 10 000$ on leveling you hero xD

Also, let’s not forget, currently exactly 1 lvl 120 king exists, and in general, at the top (lvl wise) players are not that many… proposing “the 4th lvl 120 in your alliance won’t hurt” is just a bit off reality… maybe, in 5-10 years (the payoff period for the new tavern upgrades) you will see many lvl 120 kinds, but no it’s a bit pointless assuming that. 


Also, how do you know the lvl 120 king has a so much better raiding performance?

At lvl 90 you can, even as a completely free player, very well have your usual spells all maxed. The probably most effective thing are spells. So a lvl 120 king has exactly 0 advantage there.

The king’s melee attack is mostly neglectable, as on top bases you just can’t easily kill any structures in reasonable time with the king’s sword only, and way too many and too strong troops to deal any significant melee damage there either.

The additional hitpoints surely are nice, but they won’t save you unless you have a massive army as cover - the king’s health alone is quickly gone, even with a bit extra. Just assume the extra hp from a lvl 120 king would be a free max lvl shield spell cast onto the king - do exactly that, cast 4k shield hp onto your king, and then see how long it takes inside a top lvl base for the hostile troops and towers and spikes to rip apart those 4k hp. #Edit: Just tried on my not-top-lvl base, and it lasted exactly 2.0-2.5 seconds vs my first wave. Definitely nothing to rely on that much :wink:


Remains, the leadership… that one surely helps to a certain point, but it has been discussed repeatedly, beyond a certain point, additional leadership doesn’t change that much, especially as you get further into a base and the supply line gets longer = slower. 


Also, a lvl 120 king has no better defenses than a lvl 90-100 king can have - there’s nothing beyond a maxed base! :grinning:


Remains the fact that lvl 120 kings will be a skull mine during war, which is, with the current 3*100% + endless 2% grinding, a disadvantage that they simply can’t make up in any way. 


Btw, I think at some point, flare changed the skull awarding system… not only higher base amount of skulls, but also they removed the skull-earning penalty for higher levels, if I recall correctly. That made the high-lvl disadvantages a bit smaller. 



So, lvl 120 player(s) currently are detrimental for top alliances. For non-top-lvl alliances, they may be beneficial, as just none of their opponents could beat the lvl 120 (or any decent lvl 90-100) player, but then again - do top players go to lower lvl alliances? Should they do that? I guess no. 


Even though Spells reach a max, higher level = better gear = more speed boost = more effective spells (:

I think that the HP boost is larger than 4k. Keep in mind, too, that it regenerates faster.

Also, because higher-level kings are faster and more-durable, they can add Hammerstrike as an incredibly effective tool in their arsenal. Whereas most people wait for Hanmerstrike to charge, then have to let it sit while running to the next wave, high-level kings can get to the next wave right as Hanmerstrike finishes charging, allowing them to run freely wherever they like. Do they need to wait? They can wait. Do they need to blitz? They can blitz. They can get past the overlap and eliminate waves much more quickly, allowing them to spam cannons if necessary.

In other words, whereas most kings have to play defensively, shielding their army from the enemies on the opposite lane, high-level kings can take a much more-offensive approach. They can get past the overlap in no time, spawn a few cannons to clean up the towers, then summon Elite Mummies to take down the Castle Gate, probably in less than 2 minutes, depending on how many monsters there are. I mean, literally, just Hammerstrike for units, Blizzard for Wolves and Skulls, and Bladestorm to knock down the barricades. In being able to hold 2 Offensive spells, and in being able to wipe out the opposing units while doing so, I suspect that Lv.120’s make excellent raiders.

They are talking about the defensive aspect of the level 120 king Ovoneus. He will be a surefire skull bleeder in any wars, which will make him a liability. Even if he is the best raider in the game because of his high stats and maxed out whatever, anyone dedicated enough and good enough at raiding can farm him to high heaven! Even if he has a maxed base :slight_smile:


In the case of a level 120 king, even if everything is maxed out, at level 120, all the effort in the world will be worth it beause his base will give a huge amount of skulls.

I know. I mentioned how terrible 1 Lv.120 king is alone. What I’m saying now is that his perfect offense can offset his bad defense in a 1 v 1 situations. Ergo, if every member of an alliance was Lv.120, there’d come a point in which they could farm more skulls from Lv.90’s than Lv.90’s could farm from them.

No real benefit to be level 120

I think you gain more EXP from players higher level than you. Ergo, once the first Lv.120 creates a semi-open base to maximize EXP, the others can get there faster :wink:

Cons outweigh the pros TBH, im super busy lately can’t make elaborate posts/experiments etc hehe.


Increased damage, health and leadership (Maybe a few % faster in movement speed) , doesn’t make up the fact that people can just use 1-2 scrolls to make up for those extra stats! Kinda cheap too!


Instead of spending $ 8 000-10 000 on leveling your King, spending on scrolls are still cheaper and just as effective as the so called  “33% increase in raiding efficiency.”


This is just my 2 cents  :slight_smile:  

even taking into account non 120 players ie players 95-100+ they give good skulls.


as an example, Nato vs VL. I get 900 for 3 raids (using scrolls). 2700. then I find a scroll free base. for 2% increases. it costs me less food per raid than a 100 player so I can raid more.


the 100 level player who attacks me gets 850 so he then has to raid me 4 times to get 900 skulls and then each attack after I get 1 more skull per attack then him 2% on 850 vs 900


so if I can beat the 3 best skull players and if I can find a scroll free base and beat their worst player then its a matter of food  supply and or if I want to buy more food.


so I think we need to close the gap on our best to worst players. there is no point having 3 really good players which could be beaten (even if it does take scrolls) and getting a great 3 max and then having easy players who you can grind on.


im noticing how quickly and how many kings are levelling up / getting max bases now so this whole dynamic is changing as its becoming much harder to beat bases scroll free. as mischreiber1967 says it takes so long to level up beyond a set point at the highest level so it wont be long before the top 10-20 alliances are full of 95-105 kings and there is nothing to differentiate between them except who will buy more food to raid the most…


I kind of wish given how few alliances there are if we could have more tiles on the battle map, more alliances on same map and/or split up our alliances into smaller groups on the battle map so we have more tactics

Personally I think levelling beyond 95 is irrelevant, you gain very little in real terms, but you do become a skull magnet. Flare have created a nasty little bottleneck at the higher levels, you pay too much for food, you are worth more skulls, your stats are … err … pretty static. The only way to change this now would be to give higher levels significantly better gauntlets and swords, so they can actually do more melee damage than the levels below, or maybe add a % of extra power to every spell for each level attained, to be honest in my opinion levelling once you reach a certain threshold is a curse.


Oh and I don’t think we will be seeing another lvl 120 king for a year or two at least, unless anyone wants to spend a fortune levelling up.

Well, I think ultimately greed is destroying the game.Several alliances going bankrupt. or dismembering. (Immortals, Brazil, and even Vanguard) because now with the game wars has become a must and no longer fun.Your most loyal customers are tempted to leave the game, senior kings were set aside as the game can penalize high-level king.100+ levels are greatly disadvantaged in wars and are tempted to leave their alliance during the wars (ie less money to Flaregames). A real shot in the foot.I can only congratulate Flaregames, by initiating an end of the game.