Are Ogres that good?

EVERYONE in the top 10 has the same base layout (lame) but what I’m interested in is why EVERYONE in the top 10 (and im sure pretty much all their alliance has to) has the Ogre as their top defender. Would you/they if they weren’t boosted? Is it just for the stun?

Lots of HP and stun ability indeed.

Boosted in defense yes. I’m not too impressed with it on offense

It is actually very nice in both defense and offense, how about you ask someone that’s well experienced and is willing to actually inform you in more detail

I find ogres slow and they often get stuck if the path has lots of turns on offense. On defense ogres seem to move more efficiently. Also depends on your tactic i.e. King running ahead or staying with troops.

Because you spawn less froster dragon when you fight ogre and that they are not easily killed (tank unit) though a good raider still beat the shit out of every base with dragofroster almost all the time scroll free

@Fii Nami: which units do u use along with the froster? I know the dragon’s effectiveness but its like a wager. If their group takes a hit, it all comes down to mummies to save the day! At that time I wish I could block the effect of shield/Heal on them, they will be a tremendous force that way.

@Fresh: the ogres themselves can be handled, its the wolf that makes them angry like a bull nd formidable like a maniac!

I m not a top player, these r the views of someone who’s at 4k trophies.Also, I try to avoid boosted wolf/ogre combos with lvl 55 alliance, most of the times. Unless the reward is alluring or the base is easy.

Works great when boosted by elite wereolf

Need a lot of morale to do that on offense

Hard to stop boosted knights without using boosted ogres. Ogres are slow and can be dodged/pushed. However they can survive through honed sword rain and other long-range hero aoe spells that insta kills ranged defenders. Ogre gets off a stun against knights = sitting ducks. Better yet ogres get attack boost from wolf and knight wave gets smashed stalling enemy hero.

Takes alot of morale, boosts, and obstacles/towers to be effective.

I have 11k leadership, and I can definitely say that ogres+werewolves on offense are really powerful. :slight_smile:

I have near 10k leadership and still works well

Froster knights wolf, unless your main froster get killed early on then you gonna have easy run

Thnx! I m going to try the combination this Christmas with the double boosted wolf.

Btw guys, I really think that double boosted units should hv a unique marking. At least we won’t hv to attack first just to know!

A wave of ogres and wolf is a very serious trouble… ogres are tank with their HP… in offense… they very good…together with Knight and Wolf…Wolf makes Ogres tougher and attack faster. They can stun other units in the opposite lane…which is great

today a lot people using boosted ogre and boosted wolf in their defense. maybe almost 80% in my raid using wolf+ogre combo.

just call a swordrain and let the archer finish the rest. you must defeat the ogre before the wolf howl.

more level for swordrain will destroy ogre+wolf combo hahahaha. (maybe boosted canon too?)