Are tems won now lower level?

Has anyone noticed that item awarded are of lower level in last couple of days?  Is this coincidence? 

Most likely coincidence

Haven’t noticed.

@Ducal, Probably just bad luck. It happens with items and with vault chests too. Like when I opened four chests in the vault of hephaestus only to miss out on the two other chests containing a total of 47 gems. It hurts. :wink:  

I doubt that but all items even in “lower” stats can be used pretty good for forging, what it matters it’s the fact of being new ones and you will end up with better stats and won’t bother if what you receive are lower or higher :grinning:

Nope bro it may be happening in your account but not in others.I usually find better items everyday from everykind of chest and from vault of Hephaestus too.Just play the game and you will end up FINDING better items.Sometimes you may not find good items at all for a long period of time,it has happened with me too.

Thanks for all the feedback. Seems to be just a bit of luck then.  It’s taking longer to move up levels now (at 127) so variability seems part of the game. ??