Are the new elite boosts unbeatable or it's only me?



Since the new boosts came out especially the archblaster when I attack a player during the alliance war for example it’s very hard for me to beat them without a scroll even thought same player I was able to beat with maybe a minute spare. is it only me or it’s others too?


I am 5000+ trophies and attacking 4000 trophies player with full boosts it’s hard without a scroll so the game is becoming more not free. anyone facing such issues or any suggestions?

Everybody have that type of problem, flare should do a blessing effect like holy paladin so should be ok for me. Its too much overhealing their effect of frenzy frost blasters.

Yes, same issues in 3000+ rank, those elite blasters spoil the game, since they also heal buildings and fences. 


But there is a solution, use sword rain to kill them all at once, then it’s goodbye healing and you are fine.


A lot of lower ranked players are not that fortunate, their swordrain/frost/hammerstrike are not powerfull enough to beat those blasters with one direct hit and so they lose fights they should not lose.


But it’s worse when being attacked by them and don’t have that elite boost yourself. Players 10-15 hero levels lower and rank 1000+ lower can beat bases normally unbeatable for them. And if such a player adds you in their favorite list, you will lose trophies a lot. I fell back from 3750 to 3300 just because a few players added me to their favorite list and kept attacking me 12 times a day. But for me trophies aren’t important.


This elite blaster is spoiling the game, that healing effect should be limited to max 1 troop and not full heal but max half of life plus blasters should not be able to heal blasters.

It’s all about proper timing. Swordrain first, wait a second, then unleash the rest of your spells. You’ll likely have to stay with your units, helping them take down one tower at a time, to have Swordrain always ready to deal with arbs. But that’s ok. Your units get to the gate in about the same time this way anyway, so you still win almost as quickly (it just takes more focus and is less fun than soloing everything). There are strategies to beating them.

Swordrain doesn’t kill all the boosted cannons and archblasters especially if they are far on the other side it will be impossible without ranged troops.


I can win a raid but it won’t be scroll free and that’s my point. the archblaster effect should be reviewed because it ruined the game. it’s good for me as a defense but also I can’t attack now without scrolls


Swordrain won’t kill the boosted cannon, but max swordrain should kill all the arbs that are not blessed by wolf. Because all the arbs die at once, the buildings and defence troops only healed once by arbs rather than chain heal if they have more than one arbs and die one by one. I think Swordrain has the same range as arbs, if the arbs shooting your king, then it means they are in your sw range. if they are shooting your troops, you may move to you units then swordrain. 


There is a bug with swordrain which means that it will not work effectively across a path, (see wpheiro video in server update post) it has been noted by many others on here, hopefully flare will fix it.

They need to make these boosts more even with our spells and attacks…i can deal with the AB healing attackers but also healing towers/buildings is stupid.