Are the special offer packages gone?

It feels like ages that I saw the last starter-, worker- or other package even staying low in Gems. I still have many gems in quests, so I wonder if update 1.5 addresses this and takes them into consideration?

I just got a starter package , my first since level 70 (now level 79)

I hope not! Thats the only way us free users get them things.

I see different packages every so often, but I agree they are getting spread further apart and always offering the ones I dont want =/

I only get offered packages when i don’t have enough gems, one time i did not have enough gems  i was offered 3 different packages in 2 days, And of course they only choose the high expensive offers to give me, if i recall correctly one of the packages was a little over 11k.

Received a bit less packages recently, but still getting one every now and then, with over 1k gems in “cash” and another 1k gems for achievements ready, so I don’t think having gems (in achievements) does prevent offers from appearing.


Really?! :open_mouth:

Damn I’ve spent 8.500 Gems on the 3 workers + finishing all Upgrades package. It was a good deal anyhow. After that I’ve received every ~2 days an offer but since patch 1.5o they dissapeared even if I go down to <50 gems. I still have 3.000+ gems in quests that whic I didn’t collect.