Are the videos working on windows PC?



few mins ago I was able to get a free boost by watching a video on my PC once then it didn’t work at all. so are the videos finally supported? or its a glitch or what?


Haven’t had videos for 3 days. Its impossible to earn pearls. Will be leaving game soon if nothing changes.

Uninstall reinstall… wait 15 minutes or so for ads to download onto pc leave app open

Sometimes I need to do mine twice but then its ok for a while.

I think its a slow connection or congested connection that causes this and it cannot recover so reinstall

Add another user on your pc and install the game that way the install takes 5 seconds and not much downloading.

I play over Windows Phone. It’s been two months that the video thing doesn’t work… Free anything lately…

On Windows PC, disconnect from the game, open a command window as administrator. Type wsreset.exe

Let it run for a while till finished. In Windows Phone, you might have to reset the phone first after wsreset.exe to make it work.

Now start the game again and try a video. If everything is correct your videos are working again.


It works on my tablet, doesn’t work on my PC… both same settings, country set to Romania.

I keep getting videos on PC 8.1, without a problem. When they were first introduced I didn’t get them at all, I stoped even trying to watch them but after some time they appeared and I keep getting them every single time. I do believe videos are limited and country based but if you were getting them and now you don’t I think it is only a temporary problem and they will be back soon. Sometimes it happens to me that it shows no videos available, bet when I go to another farm or tavern I will get video on them, or I will just try constantly and after 3rd, 4th try I do get the video.

No it has never work on my windows 8 and 10 pc 

Have tried this twice, still no luck.

I’m glad it works for some.

Try a spot with a fast WiFi

Or as a last resort do a reset of your pc save files option. I don’t think this is the issue but you never know.



They’re working fine on my Windows 10 PC version now.

Few days ago they didn’t though.

Videos slowly starting to work for me now.

Still not working for me.  I’m in the US.

Not working for me either,

cant get vids to work tried on a few pcs and my phone

No don’t work anymore. My last video was in October and I got only 1 video available. Like I have said in other post I got only 1 video each month. Windows 10 PC Build 14956

I hope one day these video come back for good without problem. I don’t care about gold we can get gold via raid. its more for gems,voucher and pearls

Another update and the videos still not working…


Mine have been working for several days now. Hope it stays that way.

I did nothing to make this happen, it just happened.


two days agao everything get normal but after i watched 3 videos, all videos dissapeared. lol no working

I don’t know if Vungle solve the problem, since 40 hours or more the vungle ads work fine I have watch like 4 or 5 video right now. its a good sign because its the same video. Just hope video gonna continue to work fine again for a long time