Are they going to give me two Ajaz the Great?

I had a problem with the lastest update according with the titan rewards, so I already have Ajax de Great lvl 11 with just two powers unlocked and the third one was going to be unlocked today, there were missig just two titan points but, when I decided to check to claim the third power, there showed up Ajax the Great as he were not unlocked yet… so? what happened? I was wondering if someone of you can give some help, thanks!

I think it takes 100 Titan Points now to unlock Ajax, not 30.

@CaptainMorgan Can you correct the visual bug?


Yes, we will be correcting this. You will not unlock Ajax again.

This action have a negative impact for the one who have already Ajax. is really a bad move. Not only I have lose him on Ambrosia island at 270 and has been send back to my Mount Olympus who will make me lose precious time to recover all this Ambriosa lost plus what I have take 1 month or more to accumulate Titan point to unlock Shield Bash. Now I must restart at 150 when I was close to unlock it at 30 or less in just 2 weeks

I am not happy. Can I have a compensation for this bad move? My Ajax was close full unlock and now because of this shitty and low blow move I must wait again 60 days-70 days for my Ajax to be full unlock. Sadly same the extra 4 Titan cursed chest is not a well compensation for this shitty move.

Sometime you do action without think about it and this make players frustrating you know. My level of frustration is so high now. No thanks. Sometime you do really good move but this. Awful. Don’t ask why after players go in the store and give you 1 star on 5 and not much

Really I must take once again 70 days if not more because I don’t always receive 2 point each day to unlock the last one power when i have 10-12 days close to unlock it ?

@Warriornator, you only receive 3 points per day. Do yourself a favor and go grab/post a titan code here:


You know that if you go into the Titan points thread you can fill up with 10 codes in 5 minutes, right? I just cut down your wait by 45 days! You’re welcome. 

Edit: beaten by Tomaxo as usual!

Its done but I don’t like to use the others like a tools. Its not really in my personality. Maybe I will remove them all after my Shield Bash is complete

It’s not a tool. It’s a cooperation.

It’s not wise to remove them, as once Ajax Powers are fully unlocked, you will receive Titan Chests.

i don’t care of Titan Chest. You obtain Titan anyway by forging

I want to play the game without any powers or units, and I want to be compensated for not being as powerful! What are you going to give me, devs?

I received one Unique Item via a titan code. ?

Me too!

Hi to all.

After i bought some gems so make some upgrades and donate some for the alliance, something went wrong.

After i donated 2M+ to my alliance so we can reach level 21, i just received a bonus titan points. Thanks.


The titan points for the power of ajax went back to one. I just need 40 or more  to complete my 5th ajax power. As you can see on the image, i need 140+ titan points again.

If will total all of my titan points that includes the points from members that is link to my account, Approximately i have a tital if 300+ titan points.

Hoping for your assistance.


I play hard (solo without blessings) but Warriornator plays harder than me.

@Warriornator Un chausson avec ça? ?

Hey @Sheldyra

There was an update on Tuesday:

  • Increased the amount of Titan Points required to unlock Ajax and his Powers


AAHHH. that explain everything, ok, thanks…???.. I should ask first before reacting… Sorry my bad…???