Are Uber chests even random?

I’m starting to get quite frustrated with Uber chests. I always seem to be getting the same special items. For example, since the Uber chests have been introduced I have received 3 pairs of farmer boots, 3 tourney rings, and 3 golden fleece armors.

Are these items really random or has Flare pre-determined what items players will get? Statistically speaking getting one item twice should be very rare, 3 of the same item a miracle - but 3 items 3 times each? I must be the luckiest guy alive to keep melting down the same special uber items over again.

I’m starting to wonder if I will ever get extra skull perks. I guess I should keep pumping money into the slot machine if I want to win right?

Is it just me or are others finding they keep getting the same things recycled?

I’ve gotten a repeated item thrice (a second one of separated items), and I don’t feel specially lucky, but your cases sounds really weird, maybe you’re indeed the luckiest man alive, try playing the lottery :stuck_out_tongue:  

if you want to get skull perk you should try to remove perk for 50 gems and forge uber item again.

First check if you remove perk is there any chance to get skull perk.

Usually it will take few times to forge (150-200 gems) to get skull perk.

You can get skull perks also for free, just collect many legendary capes, rings, belts and forge them and if you don’t find skull perk in the third forge melt them and repeat the process.

If I could equip all the Rokkam’s I’ve got, my king would be this guy:

That’s exactly what I did a few hours ago. Upgraded my old 0.8 skull perk belt to a brand new shinny 2.2 skull belt. It took me 3 or 4 legendary belt ans some pearls to do so.

3x Tourney Vest, 3 times Tourney Pads, 3 times Tourney Gauntlets, 3 times tourney EVERYTHING. I don’t need that much XP boost, Flare. I need skull perk, or North Alliance is threatening to post damaging photos of my king sorting through Vanguard Legion’s secret documents. Please help!