Are you having fun of us?

The New changings are really heavy to accept. Ceres was a pro pal and now it is not; I would never ever bought the new Ceres and because of your choice I wasted 20000 cristals hardly earned… 

Many things are disappointing me and many other players… There’s a player who was  banned for provoking and abusing other players; after being suspended, He was back active finding himself all alone in a pro League earning a Golden crown and 50k gems… If there is a prize for abusing other players, you should tell it clearly to everybody… I could go on with a long list… When will you find peace and let people play without disappointing them? After two years I’m really tired of your decisions… 

Yes, some of the new things are hard to accept, but I think the balances were definitely needed. Flare just did a little more than what was needed. Attacks used to be a breeze and now they are extremely hard. Going from one extreme to the other is not a way to balance a game. However, I do believe that we will get used to the way things are after a bit. After this update, I don’t think flare should make any more balances (except for adding a weakness to the Phoebe Beast) for a while and just focus more on fixing the reported bugs and cleaning up the game

I can agree about the balacing, but there are too many changings in a too little time. Consider that there are thousands of players and we can divide them in four main categories: 1) players with superior skills, a minority; 2) normal players spending lots of money; 3) normal players spending a reasonable amount of money; 4) normal and inferior skills players trying to avoid spending money…

Getting used to the changings, for a lot of players, will need a too strong commitment: is it a job or a hobby? If it is a job, there should be a salary… 

I think that after years of playing and sometimes spending money, Flaregames should have a more respectful behavior toward their clients (that’s what we are). Some people choose to spend there time almost exclusively on this app, but there are many more choosing to live the game as an hobby and they have the right to do it! Believe me; many of us are fed up with “Flare’s way”… Is Flare sure it will be enough scraping along giving some free chests sometimes? It seems to me that Flare hasn’t got the control of the game and, look how expensive are the improvements of the new modality,  because of its greed is oriented to commercial suicide…

Normal players should strike… :grinning:


So which category are you in?

Number 3


And you can’t beat other number 3 that is in equal king level and equal alliance compared to you? If so, do share what you’re using, if you have an open mind I can give some suggestions

Always open; I’m listening ?

Do share what combo you’re using and what difficulties you’re facing. Your king level your alliance level etc.


I can only advice you to do what @LacunaC asked you. My original combination works by changing just one spell, I beat now bases that I even lost against before so called balance nerfs ?. 

Hero level 115; spells Toxic cloud, shield, bladestorm; troops Knights, ogre, wolf. Ally level 66. Sonic blast instead of shield when I use monks instead of knights. Pal Ceres… when it was a pro pal… 

Hero level 115; spells Toxic cloud, shield, bladestorm; troops Knights, ogre, wolf. Ally level 66. Sonic blast instead of shield when I use monks instead of knights. Pal Ceres… when it was a pro pal… 

Do you have Blizzard with max level and reasonably forged? I would recommend using Blizzard instead of Toxic Cloud in this current meta for many reasons. Blizzard does a much better job protecting your units against skull towers. It also has a LITTLE bit of damage that makes a HUGE difference if used correctly with Bladestorm. For example, during U turn, you can position your king as such that you can hit all surrounding towers by casting BOTH blizzard and bladestorm. Together, they can still kill 1) Boosted LT 2) Heal Tower.


Do you have Heal aura Ring? That is still extremely useful with Ceres Pal.


Lastly, I don’t know how you raid, but because bases have become difficult all across the board, expect to finish raids with lesser time left. It’s ok to do that. With that in mind, do NOT rush at start. As tempted as you are to rush out, try to train yourself to only go pass the first corner AFTER 2 mins left on the clock (means you are gathering units for the first 43 seconds).


My knights are only forged 45 times and shield only 53 times. Just to give you a rough idea that it is very much doable.


BTW, the video was just to prove a point, but practically, when you raid and you want to ensure victory, summon 2 insta monks per raid. both at the earliest possible WHEN your shield is also ready, i.e. only summon then when you can click shield immediately thereafter. Repeat this the 2nd time for a 2nd monk.

Thanks ?very kind of you?

I’ll try! 

Lunga vita è prosperità ?


I think you need to add a 5th category, because there are some players, like me, who are, what some could call, “middle of the pack players”. Normal players with fairly good skills that don’t spend money