Are you kidding me FG!!!

You put RS in the last league? This is completely unacceptable!! This needs to be corrected now, we aren’t going to fight a war with no rewards and then have to fight our way to the top over the next 10 months. We are the number 1 or 2 alliances before all this started depending on if you rank by cups or trophies. If any alliances should be in league of titans it should be us.

Also we are in the same leaque with you (TGOD) brother, i thought we will match the alliances fits our power. Alliances having 250-300k team points i mean. In fact we can play for top. That is why leaques created. Now a leaque with RS noother team has a chance. 

So hi FG


@CaptainMorgan, @GalaMorgane or someone of u u developers can tell us what’s going on? What a hell is going on? Why RS r with the last league??? What’s the point? Agree with @Jttn… It’s unacceptable… 

Also at current  war other 3 alliances have 110-120k team powers. What a shame for us to attack that new alliances… 

@CaptainMorgan Where are you? everyone need you. Hello someone @GalaMorgane @Chris hello? somebody. Damn since the fix of the bugs of the forge. No more answer here. Hello come back to the earth. We call somebody




Hey everybody relax! It seems there problems but not totally terrible :slight_smile:? I mean the stronger alliance could take advantages of playing with noob ones! After several seasons everybody automatically go back to their right leagues they are supposed to be ?


Five leagues are 3 months - I didn’t even bother counting whether RS is 5 or 10 too low, but the bottom line is that for the next 3-6 months:

The lower alliances that have the pleasure of witnessing RS in action don’t stand a chance to have a fair fight for winning their respective leagues, since they are far outgunned on any feasible measure (offense capability, defense capability, VP, war strategy, team cohesion … all the things that make a top team exactly that).

RS will be bored to tears fighting these alliances.

So yes, it will correct itself, but it’ll have an impact on RS *and* on the 15 or so alliances they are matched up against. So that’s maybe 500 players having a bad war season every war season for the foreseeable future ?

1:30pm in Quebec/EDT means 7:30pm in Karlsruhe. Not sure the devs are still working. We won’t have support before Friday.

I know Gala is in lurking mode sometimes during their off hours, so maybe we will get some news from her.

sorry lol I forgot sometime about this.

As one of the smaller alliances that is getting throttled by the “matchmaking” I can say it certainly isn’t fun.  But the biggest side effect, is that it is killing the alliances.  Getting completely destroyed causes people to leave.  So it has increased the amount of alliance jumping and certainly isn’t good for the health of the game if the small to medium players and alliacnes are just going to be food for massive powerhouses.  What’s the point in playing?