Are you leaving your chests until after the war to open?

I have 15 chests waiting. Kinda want to wait until after the war just so I don’t open them, get gold then waste it when I could end up with alot with them combined. But what’s your plan? Have you already opened them? Is it just me or are pearls solely used for gear and scrolls? Cant transfer them into gold like gems for some reason unless I’m wrong. But that’s one for the suggestions/improvements thread

I need the bread and gems now so I open them. Normally I wait for full silo at least.

Yes I don’t open chests without a full silo. I much prefer gold than bread, farms will fill that automatically eventually.

At the moment we have three fronts in the war so no option to just wait on farms. Can use vouchers until they are gone though.

I have used alot of vouchers unfortunately but given the fact I will never get to the point where I can fill my treasure chamber or buy a worker (5000!) then its not too bad for now

I mostly open them when I have a full silo and treasure chamber, just to get pearls, gems, vouchers and items. I take the wasted gold of worthless items for granted.

Zero chance of getting a full chamber without buying so a full silo only for me. Next war I get the legendary chest so looking forward to it, though last season it only gave gold and gear!

Full chamber and silo = tos of pearls and gems :slight_smile:

Jeez that’s crazy. I can rarely fill a third of my chamber so I will just have to picture it!

For high level player like me it is easy, 10 raids or so and I have full chamber 12m :slight_smile: