Are you looking to merge alliances?/The Merge Corner

There are way to many alliances and new ones everyday. A lot of people should think about merging for strength so there are stronger alliances.

A lot of top players want to see more tough alliances and I also want more strong alliances.

I am not looking for a merger myself. Just trying to get the ball rolling with other alliances.




    If you are looking for a merger post here: “I am looking to bring my team to another alliance…” or “I am looking for another alliance to join my team…” or something like that.




  1. Everyone wants new people for there alliance but you should think about bringing your team somewhere else. You might find some cool people.

Consider disbanding your alliance or giving it to someone else to bring there team there.


  1. Make the former leader a general and discuss who else will become a general, and whatever else you want to know.


  1. You should have at least 30 spaces total(Alliance level 25) before thinking about bringing another alliance to merge. Any less and you should should be the team moving to another alliance.


  1. Merging will make the new alliance stronger and the game more fun.


  1. Make sure you post what your alliance offers, ie; Alliance level, Are you competitive in wars, What boosts you offer, are you willing to add generals, What you expect from new members, What you expect when joining another alliance, minimum requirements… BlahBlahBlah.

Good luck. Our team has dedicated too much time and money in our alliance to disband. More importantly, I don’t think we want to be separated.

This thread isn’t for alliances to merge with mine.


This is for other alliances to merge and become stronger so there is more competition in the game.


Good luck to you Wobbly!

my alliance could possibly be interested.


we may open up a bunch of spots in the next few days. but that would still only mean room for 7


but if there was a mid level alliance with a very strong core that would like merge into iNtEnSe then let the discussion start here


im very friendly and negotiable :slight_smile: