Are you ready for 27th Feb ?

I can’t wait to open the birthday chest… Just 9 days more 

this chest will  be nice :slight_smile:

i look forward the festival and new things ?

Birthday Chest was underwhelming last year, not too much good stuff in it. However, with the new guardian and all, I am excited for it. I’m more excited for the festival though. All the new skins, the tokens, and the new items!

exactly last year was not impressing. Really hope more if the chest can be close the same like Olympus Rising Birthday Chest. 2500-3000 gems. That will help me upgrades my stuffs

Wooooooohhhhhhh… that’s lots of gems ?

3k gems in OR is not similar to 3k gems in RR2! ?

i guess you have right with all the stuffs we must unlock there. Still if the chest can contains a lots of gems can help us. Just 200 I will be happy

Yeah, you’re right. 3k gems is about the equivalent to around 1k in RR2, because gems are much easier to receive in OR

It sounds that this year its all about skins … i like the old skins :rolleyes: and i will miss buy special items like before. ?

@Madlen  Are there now no new  Items coming (non Pro, just Uber)? Or are there plans for special Festivals for the introduction of new sets?



In the new cycle announcement, Madlen told us that there will be a few new Festival sets. I don’t believe we’ll be seeing a new set in every Festival, but we should see a few new items in some of them

okay i havn’t read this before … then i’m not unhappy and look forward ?