are you serious??

this must be a joke!!

and why are all decorations upgrade cost gems!!! it really doesnt make sense we can not build with gold or wisdom!! and why increase the cost??? its not working!! useless!! shoot me plz!!!

building and upgrading decorations should be no cost gems, wtf is wrong with you guys?? that you ask gems for building time i can understand…this really is sick… so that means if i upgrade it all, my olympus mountain is more worth then the home im living in!! shoot me again plz this is no fun game!


Yea… that’s pretty ridiculous I must say. 10,000 gems translates to about ~$100. Not sure who would want to pay that much for pixels. Even if prestige comes out to play a major role in future updates, only a handful will pay that much.

Looks like an oversight, or a blatant cash grab.

Cant help laughing  :wink:

Is ur house build for gods??