Are you using Hero Scream items now?

Questions first:

If you there are no frosters around, and then you use hero scream, does your hero get an increase in movement speed and attack speed as well? or only the units around you?


Since the hero scream was made better, i now use it. It removes the frost effect so hero gets to run faster but i am not sure if hero gets an increase in movement speed while there is no frost effect.


Do you guys get items that decrease hero scream duration now?

Since they have improved the hero scream, I use it mostly to remove ice from the troops when they are icy or other debuffs and also at the end to speed up the removal of the castle’s gate. 

Time does not affect me that much.

Also i dont use items that decrease it.



Nope, scream is nice but I have no idea what I should give up for it.

I use it alot, it help me winning top 10 players, i use gear of scream boost and love it:)

For q that u ask about if it make u faster with no frosters, i ask jona but he didnt answer me

I use it but, would prefer other things like leadership or gold. Maybe if you had 50% scream boost it might be useful, right now I have 11% and wouldn’t care if I lost it.

I think high level king can use it because their base leadership stats is already high enough so theres room for scream boost gears which literally makes you go into a raid with a mini battle cry scroll.That explain why Spartecus use it to good effect , at my level its not very helpful to use scream boost.Normal timer are good enough though.

I use hero scream, as you said, to remove frost and to cry to my troops “Hei, don’t stop!! Follow me!” and they never do that  :slightly_frowning_face:

But it seems to me that the troops move a little faster than normal only for few seconds…

From that what I noticed hero scream makes king moving faster even if you aren’t slowed by frosters (but I’m not sure about that). But I don’t think that affects hero attack speed.

Yes scream removes froster freeze debuff and it also makes your troops faster not sure if it makes the king himself faster tho, needs more testing. Haven’t tried using the hero scream boosting items yet.

Does it remove poison too?


I only really use scream when I don’t want my troops stuck “chasing” Firebolt towers they can’t even attack or get out of chokepoints quickly. 

Can confirm it doesnt make u faster, only remove ice damage.

If u above 80 lvl and u have leadership above 8000 i think that 60% boost scream can Really help u wininng any base if u play rambo style with mummy on your side

You mean over 8000 without any gear L, right? Because I tried but with only 29,6% boost scream and my L get down from 9694 to 8529: What I noted has been a really slowing down for troops generation and a really slightly improve in war scream recovery…but maybe 30% boost is too low…Spartecus, do you think that a mean value to “loose” your L for gaining boost scream is 50%? I think that below this % the loss of L is too much compared to the benefit of dream boost…what d’you think?

Hi bolz1, i have 7000+ l, u have 9000+ mean u are stronger king than me :slight_smile:

My point is that if u play the game right, u dont need much leadership to win, just get good speed boots, 50% scream boost, mummy lvl 4 and 7000+ leadership and ucan beat top 20.

But u need to make space at begining and destroy the 2-3 towers for your arblasters to defence the tent, and watch your tent all the time, many times im in the gate 1.5 min before and forgot my tent defence :slightly_frowning_face:

i take it this leaves quite a few low 90% victories?


And this is what hit ny nerve…but I’ll open a topic about…

Explain bolz1?

I don’t really like pyromancers even more, so I hope it takes out fire too


Yeah, but I’m going off topic. I often see kings that have a lower level than me that easily could get 100% of my base but when I test my base I cannot. What does it mean? That I’m wrong in “how” I fight…and I’m trying everything…go forward, stay with troops, go backwards and forwards, take scream boost, take more leadership, and so on…but I often lose with King that are in a half level than me…and this is frustrating for me!! 

Your post is emblematic: you have 2000 leadership point less then me, probably attack and hp too but you are ten folds more efficient than me!! I have to learn how to fight…I apologize for bad English…


Well, let’s not just make it overpowered! :wink:

And all that without even occupying a spell slot.


For healing fire or poison, just use the heal spell.

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