Area Damage Bug on GAteKeeper and Hero

I remember that lastest update The Developer said that Area Damage is not allow to be higher Normal damage and it’s still happening

  • example: normally your GK need 2 and 3 even 4 hit to kill Troop of enemy, but you only need 2 even 1 hit to kill all troops of enemy if you out 1 item Area Damage (~1k5) even your damage is not change and GK kill hero of enemy very fast too 

so could you explain me why? It’s call a big bug and explain me Area Damage is only increasing range of damage or it’s increasing super damage x3, x5 


The damage does change. You can see it in the picture you showed. 

When you equip an area damage item, you do 100% damage to 1 target and a fraction of that damage to other targets in range, depending on how much area damage you have. GKs start off with 100% area damage — they deal 100% damage to every enemy in range. When you add additional area damage to the gk, they start to do 105%, 110%, etc… to the other enemies in range. The primary target continues to recieve 100% damage. 

This would be a nice little boost on its own, comparable to the damage perk I think. It seems to multiply the damage dealt from reflection, though, which is problematic and probably not intentional. 

@dumpster I understand what you said, but only 1k5 your damage is x3 x5, it’s bug

and they should to be clear that increase range or increase damage (item add to GK)

could you explain me about this picture…AD: range 1,066 in front of hero to enemy or damge 1.066 to all troop around range 1,066…

and could you explain me how: a GK have damage 19k kill Griffin with 3,4 hit, but with 1k5 AD they kill them in 2 or even 1 hit


If your gk only has area damage it adds extra damage to every attack, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s just an extra 1000 damage or whatever. The weird stuff happens when you add reflection also. Area damage by itself isn’t actually that awesome. I would rather have weapon speed or straight damage. 

But almost players are not like you, they knew AD bug and do fast way by add Area Damage

What I’m saying is that the bug seems to only be when you combine area damage with damage reflection. Area damage by itself isn’t overwhelming, and isn’t a problem.

it still isn’t the biggest problem in the game, because you can completely avoid the bug by not using any melee units. 

If we attack with more damage reflection it works against the GK. It’s been this way for a long time. 

yeah, that’s the best counter to the super high damage GKs. Reflect it back.

I noticed smth that didn’t happen since months ago, while getting to the GK, solo, with Hercules and being in a distance from the GK, no powers used, no hit was done, the GK killed Hercules in less than 2 seconds while he was trying to avoid the contact with the GK. That was only Area Damage and Reflection on action as Perseus didn’t lift his arm at all. This scenario is worse.

P.s the guy that has this Gk is part of your team dumpster, Texas.

Hey guys,

Thank you for posting this. We are aware of the issue and it has been added to our database.

Well, now you know to stay farther back from him! You must have hit him though to trigger reflection.  It doesn’t work otherwise. 

I didn’t though.

Take a video next time!

That’s also kind of the drawback of using Hercules, too. He can get through a defense faster than almost anyone, but he can be killed by GKs unless you load him up on physical resist and reflection.

Please post his name (we should create a database with all “strange” gatekeepers) and we ask to developer to verify, the game most be fair

@vasudeva1 this game can never be fair to non elite players LoL

As far as those Gatekeepers are concerned they are completely broken and beyond repair now thanks to last update

look at the new features introduced with the new update server, it’s all in favor of the old elite, the blessings of war remain the same, the costs to curse the unique items remain the same, there is no provision to avoid duplication when cursing a single object. Only the requests of the old elites who were asking for new levels are heard. As usual, the masters command and the servants obey

Now the best way to mend the game back and to stay fair is to remove the GK completely and provide triple times health to the Gate. With this way, the bugged Gk concept is totally out of the picture. This is how a completely broken set-up is to be repaired.

@Madlen Why can’t this be done? As we see, FG has taken so long to rectify this bug… I am providing a way for FG to remove the BUG easily… LOL… With this, the controversy of Perseus alone as GK is also put to grave… and for the fact I really know that most people(Non-elites) will definitely would welcome this move.