Arena Battle mode in RR2

How about an Arena Battle mode in RR2, where 2 (or more) heroes can fight by casting spells, using scrolls and summoning troops real-time? nothing flashy, just a normal map that instead of a tent and a castle on each end, it will have the tents of the competing players … AND how about a few original monsters or structures on the way giving boosts to the player that conquers them.

I know PvP fights where both players compete simultaneously can be a pain (especially if using WiFi), but I m confident that Flaregames can find a way to make them run smoothly and without internet connectivity issues :slight_smile: …I m also certain that top players will throw TONS of gems to prove they r the best and to get AWESOME REWARDS!!! …especially if those rewards can benefit their whole alliance and make them MORE important as members or generals or leaders. Make scroll cooldown HALF, so they ll spend MOOOOOOORE!!! muaaahhaha!!! :-) 

I ve been seeing so many games organizing Arena Battle mode tournaments with top players,  and uploading them on youtube (like starcraft, Heroes of the storm, mk, etc) and I though " why not RR2? " …just imagine “MasterEd VS Flothaboss” …SOOOO COOL!!! …PLEASE dont make it TOO heavy so I can still play RR2 on my humple Lumia 520 :slight_smile:

I think a changement on This forum is always the Object of a clash. Furthermore, it Will look like Clash Royale and I like This Game exactly because he is different ?. Finally, it Is too difficult to code what You Say : We see what the ninja event provocs : Lag lag and lag .

I dont like clash royale. you just put units on the map and they auto-fight…boring :frowning: My idea is all about putting in a traditional RR2 map, 2 (or more) heroes, which start from their tents with their armies at different sides of the map, and meeting in the middle and fight, with the objective of beating the enemy hero or destroying his/her tent. In the way, they can take over towers and find monsters, which can boost their armies to give them an edge when fighting the enemy. It s more like Warcraft frozen throne, Blood Elf Ep.5 Saving Illidan in Outland.