Ariadne attack halted at Seige

My Ariadne against certain opponents has her attack aborted by app while in Seige even though she has plenty of time and life left. For example, against Xorath. My Ariadne is a Level 11 and I am at Level 43. 

Yes I have recently experienced this 2 or 3 times, on Minotaur islands. Very frustrating when it looked like she was about to defeat the Minotaur.


Same here experiencing unexpected timeout at minotaur island


Were you careful when using Ariadne’s Spindle, so no enemy units went through the portal?

If you use this skill, some of the defender units can go through the portal as well and attack your base with none of your troops to stop them.

You can see the life of your Olympus Portal on the left side of the screen with a blue bar, when this one is under attack.