Ariadne's spindle

You guys, ariadne’s spindle doesn’t work in my gameplay. It literally doesn’t. I even wait till my morale points are completely refilled and then I try again…but nothing!!! No troops, spearman or warriors whatsoever come out of that portal in my play. it is frustrating!! Because now I read all this talk about it being effective and such a good power but for some reason it doesn’t do anything when I use it. I have leveled her up to 11. I have even mangaged to defeat 2 Minotaur islands without the spindle; but I don’t want to do it anymore. Help please!!! there something I haven’t activated for it to work?

You tap the spell and then tap your troops and that’s it works just fine for my hero 

like a proof take a video and send it to flaregames over email…


If you send a video, please send it using the support

Reaching the support by email directly will not work, you need to use the support tool.

Once you hit the spindle spell you should see a “portal” in the spot you activated it and your troops will come from there. There is a short amount if time before the portal closes though.