Armistice Bundle


This is overpriced.

The pets look nice though.

Bruh it is basically a donation to charity… If anything its too small amount surely? 

Is there a link to this?

It’s AU$4.49 here.  That’s cheaper compared to the regular 500 gems of AU$7.99.

With this package, you get the gems, skin AND help out a charity.  That’s a good price for me.

There’s no link.  If you go in-game and click on the gems/treasure chest icon, you can elect to purchase this bundle based on your local currency.

not Windows Phone?

Overpriced??? It’s charity to help children. You get some cool stuff for just 3 bucks and do something good and you complain about this? Go f*ck yourself.

Thanks Flare, I’m happy to help.

Btw. Skin also applies to Ceres, who is missing in the list.


where you found this offer?

in the shop where you can buy gems packages. (bottom left button)

I bought the Armistice Bundle, but I have a question: “After the expiration, will the pals be undressed by their items/skins”?

Now I’m at level 98 and I would like to take a screenshot when I will reach level 100, and then put it in my profile; however, in my opinion, I will not able to reach level 100, but level 99 before the deadline.

Furthermore, there isn’t Aput pal in the list (see here and here). For an unknown reason it seems identical to the fox (see below) of the Armistice Bundle.


Why doesn’t the Armistice Bundle work for Eldrak and Nidhogg? Seems like an arbitrary omission. Can you guys fix that?.. 

I think there’s no expiration date. If you means about the availability of the bundle from 1st to 7th December is about the offer time. The offer will disappear on 8th December and no one can buy that bundle anymore.

I’d prefer an answer from at least one between @flaretara, @Nikko, @Archimedes, @PaSte, @Lisa and Florian/Flothaboss/FTB (I don’t know because he abbreviated his ign his youtube channel and his profile name).

@REVOLTROYAL While the promotion is for a limited time only, the Pal skins themselves are a permanent item. Hope this helps! 

This is an awesome promotion, hope you guys get a lot of good feedback from this. Keep up the good work!


It’s even more overpriced now.

It’s more expensive because this Bundle includes pal Skins for ALL pals, whereas the armistice was only for a selected few.

You are not the only one that thought both where the same.

As for the 500 gems. I think it was a nice addition to get more people to buy the armistice Bundle and help people out.

Here’s the thing. The new thing that just arrived in the shop for “all the pals”…it doesn’t say that these are going to charity…I’d like some clarification on whether the money still goes towards charity

What war child have in UK??? 

I bought the Winter Pal Bundle almost a week ago, but I have a question: if I buy a pal I haven’t (I have all the pals except for Aska, Aput, Phoebe, Eris and Ceres), will that pal can wear its item/skin?

Does Aput pal really exist? (see here and here). If yes, I would know its special ability, otherwise I will remove it from the possible answers in “victory dance” topic.