Armor paint (Little suggestion)


First of all, I really like this game. A feature I love is the armory painting, where you can distinguish yourself from the others. Unfortunately there are only a few combinations. I would like to see some double combinations of colors, like white-white with a gold trim. I see two ways to develop this idea. One is to add more combinations, the other to make your own combination with standard colors.

I really hope this idea will be noticed, for I think that it will improve the individuality in this growing community. Thanks for reading.

Sir Ruystique

I agree.

+1. Since they already have combinations pre-programed in, it should be easy enough for the developers to allow us an interface for a little customization. Not talking about getting crazy with it, just let us pick the two colors and metal color that are already programmed into the system

Can you imagine how awesome a gold-gold-gold color combination would look on some parts of gear? :wink:


So yeah, definitely an option for creating a “custom combination” of the already available colors would be cool! :slight_smile:

I agree. The coloring engine is already built in, since there are options in the first place. It most likely wouldn’t be all that more difficult to program than the alliance shield coloring was.

Well they are most likely adding more customization to Alliance Emblem, so they will prolly add at least a few new color options to hero…



If we’re lucky anyway… I think customization is one of the best small features in the game…

I like the idea.i think they should also provide options for the alliance symbol,I mean my alliance name is funny people and I want to make a flag with smiley on it:)