Armor Sets A B C D

so far I have 2 complete sets,

one being the Ceres Pet combo

the other being the Howl (baseball set)

then there is a C and D for armor sets;

there are many sets you can get in this game, how do you keep them as they collect?

does D go onto E F G and H?


Sinister Eggplant B.jpg

Hey there @SinisterEggplant! The wardrobe slots, A,B,C, and D are 100% free, however, to get E-H you have to buy the Pro Subscription (which also includes the vanity slot)

ok so how does one buy this Pro Subscription? through Flaregames main website?

Also I guess there are other perks with a Pro Subscribe.

and also ty for answering, there are a few players who always help with constructive suggestions

or giving me information such as you just did. :wink:  ty

Hey, no problem. So, if you play on a Windows laptop then you are unable to buy these subscriptions, however, if you play on a mobile device (e.g. a phone or tablet) then you will be able to buy them. Hope this helps

that prove Flare don’t like player on Windows and never care of them. No food video,no tapjoy,no subsciption,etc…

You can always download Tapjoy or Bluestacks (one of the two) onto your laptop and then do it from there to earn gems like a mobile player, I believe. However, the subscription thing is just pure crap, not that I would buy them anyway with how horrible the prices are

Just wondering why Flare doesn’t like to offer all the same things for Windows players (or fix the problems Windows players experience) that are offered to mobile players…seems a bit one sided, especially since the downloads slow down gameplay ?..and I probably wouldn’t purchase the subscriptions either, but maybe once in a while the gems for the alliance as a bonus for all members.

i totally agree!!!


But those want any third party app on their pc…or those whose pc doesn’t support bluestacks or those whose pc is slow