army of skirmish is on the move


We are Army of Skirmish and we are looking for loyal and supportive members to join us for good.  Some info about us:


MEMBERS: 45/46

BOOSTS:  [permanent] Cannon 3/3, Barricade 4/4, Knights 8/8, Archer 5/5 and Bomb Tower 3/3

                  [during war season - additional boosts] Ogre 3/3, Wolf 2/2 and Special Season Boosts prolonged


TROPHY RANK:  Mostly 4k and 3k trophy players

SKULL COUNT IN WAR:  Average of 150k - 160k each fiefdom.  All members fight in battle

MEMBERS:  We are from all over the world with different backgrounds and ideologies but bonded together by friendship.  Most of our members have been together for a long time so we are comfortable to discuss and share ideas on how to get stronger.  We value not just winning but loyalty and camaraderie so for those who wants to find a home, do check us out and we would be elated to welcome you.

REQUIREMENTS: We are looking for players who:

  • Can donate at least 500k a day (most of our members donate 500k/day and those who donate lower are urged to upgrade their alliance tower)

  • Fight all battles in alliance war (we have been winning wars that’s why our fiefdom count is higher than most of alliances our level). Those who can’t fight for some personal reasons are encouraged to move to our support alliance. But people who join the war are expected to attack. Failure to do so is bound to be kicked out immediately.

  • Loyal member (we need members who stay). 


CONTACT:  do search for either our alliance name: Army of Skirmish or my IGN: Sire Sam [Leader]

Hope to hear from you soon!