Arrow Tower

Give some special boost to arrow tower

So that they can also become the part of game 

Some power boost like seen in ninja events , normally or in war boost

Alliances can activate the poison boost for the arrow tower, but most don’t because not many players use arrow towers. Then, sometimes the long range boost shows up as a season boost. When the 2 boosts are combined with a high level forged arrow tower it can be very deadly. In not sure if the one in the Ninja events has both but it has the range one and that alone makes the track somewhat challenging. 

Yeah or may be make boost cheaper

Also for frost tower

And these will added to war boost so that some new boost will be seen, we r bored by seeing same war boost in rewards 

Yes, that’s been said by so many people for so long. Unfortunately, flare doesn’t seem to care 

This tower is cheap. Well I gonna try it in my base on my ipad and see what happen maxed and forged. Never have try this tower. Useless since day 1 so…