Arrow towers most powerful than...?

Hey, why should Firebolt towers be weak to fire when they themselves are fire-type? Shouldn’t they be weak to ice?

I thought the same thing ?!  :blink:

and also their structure is equal to the tower bomb, so it should be weak to the impact/ice.

It all just depends on The levels of the towers and the level of your king . 

The reason thar Firebolt Tower weak to fire because they stock a lot of oil for fire arrows in their tower.




lol zo


That… actually makes sense. Strangely enough. :blink:

Jona, Even you don’t know!?

well, that’s inconvenient.

I assume it is for overall balancing reasons. The Firebolt Tower is very strong so having it be weak to blunt damage only probably made it too powerful.

you’re right!

I mean they should have some reason to explain why they have that weakness.



…even they look stubbornly reason.

_Oh my God, Zoname, Jona, wonderful innocence and humor of the 2 you.  :wub:__  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub: 



[quote=“Jona, post:2, topic: 28572”] That… actually makes sense. Strangely enough. [/quote]_

I think you’re not even considering tower level, tower range, tower placement and fire shield? Lol

hmm why are water towers weak to fire? because soaked wooden planks burn faster and a small crack would help to extinguish the flames? ^^


In fact, They aren’t use real water but dry ice.

By making dry ice they use Refrigerant Fluid like we use in Air Condition or Refrigerator which easy to be inflammable.


…probably (again)

medieval dry ice manufacturing :wink:

I know it’s a bit too nerdy, but dry ice is CO2 and therefore will inhibit the burning quite a lot :grinning:

just the fact that we use the magic (ex: scroll) we are already out of reality.