Artemis blazing slash

Hi just unlocked Artemis ans trying to get blazing slash . Have to have rank of 1000 in Alliance hall  of gods . My alliance has this yet power will not unlock?.. help please

I’m also above this level in personal hall of gods?.

All Artemis rank-related skills are unlocked via personal rank, so you as a player have to be in the top 1000 at the very least.

If you ahve all the conditions fulfilled -> Tech support is the place to visit, they will sort it out

If grimx is your name in game, you are 3.473 in the players ranking - your ally is 31th but that doesn’t count for unlock the power. It’s your 3.473 that has to improve.

Thanks Dheth . That’s gonna take some time for a lot of players. Makes me wonder wtf I got her for? 

 Once i unlock blazing slash by reaching top 1k in hall of gods, will i lose it if i lose too many trophies and drop out of top 1k?


I had already searched the forum and couldn’t find the exact meaning of the unlock condition for her power which requires conquering all islands. I am currently at 2.5 k fame, 5k rank in hall of god and at 142 k dominance.

@Durgx, You already have Artemis at 142k dominance? I am at 180k dominance and I still don’t have her, lol. Did you rush your heroes temple to level 10?

To unlock the Posion arrow you need to gain 300K dominance.

To unlock the Hale of strom (ice) you need 5K Fame points

To unlock the Fire Power you need to come once in Top 1000 rank .

Bro what @NAPC has said it true.You are a long way from unlocking her three powers.Atleast two months to get her hail storm power (5K Fame points),Earning 300k dominance will take time ,you are only half way  maybe two more months and to reach the The top 1000 players well good luck with that?.


Once? So if I enter top 1000 I get the Fire Power and if I fall below Top 1000, I still have the power? 

Yes, you get to keep it even if you fall below Top 1k

I don’t think I have rushed as i am at ascension lvl 86

Thank you

I started this game from last week of November, so basically 3 months for 142 k dominance. Now I may need 3 more months to get to 300 k

3 months also for me and I’m at 180k dominance.

I think you kinda maybe kept on leveling up your buildings as fast as you can and that’s why you are at level 86 and I’m at level 83. :wink:

Current prestige lvl is 20. My ign is sewqwerdurgx. Care to share yours?

Prestige level 21. It is hard to search my IGN because of special characters but search for the alliance ST. KENSINGTON instead. Then look for the member “Doomsday”, that is me. 

On another note, my alliance has 8 divine blessings going for two weeks, I’d like to extend an invitation for you to join us. :wink: