Artemis buff to bring her in line with better heroes

So with much discussion about hero being weak, particularly Artemis being the general consensus, I’m proposing a few ideas based on my own observations and that of players that can use her at a high level. I understand that most players don’t have all Artemis powers complete so aren’t in a position to now her ‘true’ power, but I think for many who have certain lvls of powers she under performs compared to almost all heroes IMO.
I’ve fought maybe 200+ battles last few weeks (and spent quite a few gems to break gates!!) with as good gear as I can find/refine. I still have scope for improvement but any other hero with the items that she has would be so much better prepared for high level bases.
As Arty has 5 powers she would benefit from good cooldown (cd); however by refining/using Cd items leaves her extremely vulnerable to damage/death. Sure we have a good lvl of regen, but well placed towers and the lack of time to complete a base now are all factor is regen not being viable for high level bases. Even Ajax has a way to get health back quickly.
My recommendations are

  1. Innate Damage reflection 10% to help stay alive as no shield no health power. Also at GK with no phys res/DR she can die extremely quickly with the DR/AD bug.

  2. Increase speed by 10%. This helps in several ways - to avoid damage, run clear of damage to get regen quicker (if needed) and get to GK quicker for a fight.

  3. Att speed increase by 5%. This helps all things such as any LoH, but mainly would help the demolition perk that she MUST have. Arty players know she needs 30% + demo now to be a useable option. At least 5% helps for a lower demo % to proc more often as demo is a rare perk, much like DR.

  4. Potency should increase the stags health and attack power, as it does her other powers. This would at least help for raiding if nothing else. Try chopping at a chaos gate with a weak stag and low damage Arty.

  5. Her Blazing Slash power isn’t that great, it’s needed big time for barricades and other towers, but at 35s recharge is way too long. Needs brought down to something like 25-28s as standard. Even a couple k more damage wouldn’t be bad.

  6. Give stag ‘stun’ power of GK, this will probably be the only way Arty will be able to kill a well refined GK with a few resistances.

  7. Hail storm power needs to be increased in range from 1.8 to 2.0. There’s a make or break shot on double nyx bases that with a certain camera angle (helios tower/power icons obscure almost all target area) makes it really tough, and has to be exact to work. Even this slight increase would lower the margin of error, as there is currently no margin of error at all.

These aren’t game breaking changes to Arty, but would make her better by a long way. She still wouldn’t be the best hero I don’t think, but could at least be an option for more players.

  1. Eliminate all animations that lock her out from casting other spells.
  2. Make all her spells circular AoE with the same range.

Her animations arent as bad as Ajax, but a quicker animation is always better.

Circular AoE would probably be good for one of her powers, as she gets swamped easily once when you try and use multiple powers to destroy a single nyx (as troops are useless now for dealing with long range nyx) Maybe thunder charge with a better area effect would be better.
Honestly against slightly oddessy enhanced (or war enhanced) bases even with 40% + demo and high DR still very hard to get a raid clearance!

Ajax and Artemis are conceptually good in that they offer a very different gameplay experience from the regular heroes. The problem is that the other heroes are well designed to deal with all the challenges in the game across all the platforms you can play it on. Ajax and Artemis just aren’t. They’re different in a bad way. Anything that can make them play more like the original heroes will make them better (no locking animations in a game where timing is critical and spamming spells is an important strategy sometimes, spells with forgiving hit zones that are equally easy to use on large and small touchscreen devices as well as with the mouse and limited keyboard support on PC).

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Yeah they are meant to be end game heroes I think to an extent, and I can understand FG reasoning to make them a little harder to play. My argument is that Arty is near impossible to play double nyx bases well as you either have to chose high CD (with no benefit of bia for movement speed/pheme to limit damage/damocles to help kill nyx) and thus have almost no protection, not even a shield or power to recuperate health, or you chose very high DR if you can find it accompanied by high demo again if you can find it/refine it.
Ajax is maybe a bit more forgiving currently, as he has a shield and health power.

Thanks. We will look into these points and discuss Artemis rebalancing within the team.


Play around with making her spells circular AoE. Piercing venom would have a pheme-like range which would instantly make it a top-tier spell instead of something that misses more often than it hits. She’d be a top-5 hero and worthy of the investment it requires to unlock her and level her up.

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Hello CaptainMorgan, Nice to meet you :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Again I’ve been playing a lot recently with her on the map, and having pretty much completed my refines + unique refine, etc, she can do TL bases playing a near perfect battle but not the top OR ones, and struggles to stay alive and get a raid (even with 70% DR). Some powers just feel they take too long to recharge (as I said earlier having to chose between protection or CD really needs the protection IMO) and the shots are make or break shots which sometimes the camera angle doesn’t help particularly with helios tower being so high and the size of the power icons (maybe for Arty could make them 25% smaller).
I’m still of the opinion any of my original suggestions and Dumpsters (shortening animation+ AoE power (s) aren’t bad ideas either)

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Captain Morgan is it possible to increase the range of the hail storm spell from 1.8 metre to 3.8 or may be 2.8 meter so that Artemis can deal with long range nyxs towers.
My only problem with her is this she can’t use bia or Damocles spell which are needed for raiding tough bases.
Also her last spell doesn’t feel special and is much weaker than Talos.


The last spell can take down a Nyx in one shot. I found her surprisingly competent in this week’s Odyssey. I haven’t used her in a long time previously.

How many skulls?

But at close range and I am talking about long range nyxs towers.

Talos doesn’t take down the long range ones either…

In my experience, players rarely take talos specifically to deal with nyx towers. Against a high level defense, if you’re getting within talos range to kill Nyx you did something wrong or had more useful options.

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Yeah. I was just really commenting on that last sentence about Blazing Slash being weaker than Talos saying that it’s not totally useless. It ripped barricades about the same from what I’ve seen too.

To be fair, at comparable levels it does slightly less damage than talos with slower cooldown. And it has directional aiming, although it’s probably the best of her spells in that regard. It’s objectively worse than talos.

The worst part is that you’re stuck with it. Talos can be swapped for Asclepius or Damocles or bia.


Of course i use Damocles to deal with long range nyxs towers but Talos does more damge to barricades than blazing Slash plus blazing slash has long animation time during which apollo towers kill Artemis.

My issue with hail storm is you have to be EXACTLY perpendicular to the path and the nyx theres no room for error as the distance is exact to reach it, but often the helios and power icons really obsure the target area which is very small, and a max level charged hail storm will destroy a max level nyx, but the problem is many players have oddessy cooked nyx buff to well over 40% and with so most heroes needing buffs to damocles; hail storm gets left behind for attack, so you need more powers to do the damage needed. An extra 0.5 distance would be great to also reach further behind barricades. Blazing slash does seem weak, but seeing as talos is being spoken of that is underwhelming also as a power, as need many to destroy one barricade, when demo as a perk is far more economical to bring to do the same.
I only use talos with Herc to deal with nyx in one hit, as otherwise its useless IMO.

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