Artemis in Oddessey - please no

Hi team,

I’m excited about the update and welcome our new hero Artemis. It will be challenging to level her up because 90% of my enemies on my level (ascension 128 with 15.500 trophies) have strong and blessed defenses/unit-waves. I’ve already lost 64 trophies in 2 battles because she died so fast… But hey, we’re all in the same boat there. I lose some and hopefully gain some too.

Oddessy however is a different story. I’ve been managing to do Oddessey’s in a range from lv8 to lv10, depending on the heroes and I always get all the chests… I’m currently handling the Oddessey from this week and I just learned from a member in our alliance that Artemis is included in the Hero rotation pool while she’s still so low level. It would have been nice to give us some time to level her up a bit, or introduce her to the Odessey pool by next week, so this doesnt ruin our chances on getting the chests this week. 

For example: i would be very dissapointed if I aimed to get 295 Oddessey points to only find out the hero for my last Adventure would be Artemis. This would waste all my prior effort as I can never beat lv8-10 with her (at this moment).


@CaptainMorgan: what’s your take on this? Is it deliberately that you included her in the Oddessey rotation already?


I don’t understand the worst logic behind this? what change? When you unlock new hero like Odysseus or Helen of Troy of whatever those hero come in the Odyssey same if they are low. So why Artemis should be out of the Odyssey? No valable reason. I have unlock Athena 1 week ago and I up her around in Mount Olympus. Already Level 10. and when I got her in odyssey I don’t do level 6 but level 5 just drop of 1. I don’t know where come from all the complain about Artemis honestly 

If you’re high level and all the enemies on your map are also high level, it’s very difficult to level up new heroes. We all went through this when Ajax was introduced. Playing him was extremely painful for the first few months (yes, months) until his spells got to a reasonable level and you could grind some xp. I have Artemis, and I can get though about 15% of any defense on my map. Even the lowest level spells of hers take over 2 days for the first upgrade. She’s going to be unusable in the odyssey for several months. So if she is selected as the honored hero, it means you have to skip that particular adventure or use one of your other heroes and miss out on the bonus points.

Artemis is currently temporarily removed from the Honored Hero rotation. We will return her to the rotation in the near-mid future.

@CaptainMorgan: thanks picking up this request and replying to this topic. Awesome!  :slight_smile: