Artemis' Thunder Charge cooldown time: Bug or intention?

Dear @CaptainMorgan,

In a recent thread, our friend @Philstar has mentioned about the cooldown bug concerning Artemis’ Thunder Charge power. To make the context clear, please watch the following video:

The Artemis in the video has 48% CD bonus. Here are the observations:

  • Call Stag power isn’t affected by CD bonus. I guess that it’s intended, since a new Stag will just replace the former one (if he’s still alive).
  • Thunder Charge power, in the setup page, is affected by cooldown bonus.
  • In the battle, Thunder Charge, if used alone, is affected by cooldown bonus, i.e. about 6 seconds of coodown time.
  • When Thunder Charge is used in combination with another power, e.g. Venom to create Electrified Venom, the cooldown time is 12 seconds, i.e. independent of cooldown bonus.

I wouldn’t go out and call that a bug, not yet, since the 3 combinations of Artemis’ powers are not listed in the setup page. Allowing her to boost her last 3 powers every 3 seconds (assuming 75% of CD bonus) might make her totally broken.

Could you please, @CaptainMorgan, tell us once and for all if it’s your intention. Thank you for your time!


This is as intended by the designers. The use of Thunder Charge to create a more powerful version of her other Powers is something to be used cleverly and not something it should be possible to spam every few seconds. Perhaps 12 seconds is too long a cool down at higher levels, but that is a separate discussion.


I’m glad we finally have the answer to this, but I have to say that with this confirmation Artemis is by far the weakest hero, and even with cycled perks (that many other heroes don’t need to beat all for 100%) she will find it very hard to defeat the best GKs in the game, as she relies almost solely on powers to defeat GK’s. And the good GK’s have max resistance vs all types of elemental damage.

I have had a max lvl Artemis almost fully refined but I’m guessing even with cycled potency, full CD, max DR she would still struggle to beat the best Gk’s.

The image below is my Arty which I stopped working on so yes I could add perks to several items. She almost max CD/50%Dr/150%+att speed/ 30% potency/60%+stun/25% demo). Can clearly wipe out any average TL bases. But players who have worked on their GK’s purposely has real issues killing them (once a GK has good poison res Arty really finds it hard)