Artemis - Venom

I think the quest support text is swapped for some of the Artemis powers.

The two support text messages for VENOM are 1) spread venom to decimate enemies; and 2) create electrified venom.

I would assume you need to create the venom before you release it so that the quest for “create venom” should complete before the quest for “spread venom”. In the screenshot, “create venom” is still bronze while “piercing venom” is now silver. 

Interesting, I’ve never noticed these quests.

Does ‘thunderous fire’ mean combining Thunder Charge and Blazing Slash?

Lightning ice = Thunder Charge + Hail Storm?

Electrified venom = Thunder Charge + Piercing Venom?


That’s correct. The flavor text might be a little more cute than actually descriptive 

Thanks. Ha, it’s like vanilla flavor vs vanilla extract.

@tjgarland It’s not a bug. They added vanilla flavor to Thunder Charge.

It’s not a bug - I get that.

However, the text related to some of these texts has been switched so it would be very easy to fix and at least get the “flavour” of the text matching the quest. You should have created the power more times that you’ve released it. At least with VENOM / POISON, this is not the case. I’m not sure about the others powers.

Here’s how I believe they’re matched and their order (you first need to create the power and then release it):

THUNDER CHARGE POWER (lightning attack): 

  1. THUNDER CHARGE - call upon the power of thunder xx times
  2. CHILD OF ZEUS - release the thunder xx times

PIERCING VENOM POWER (poison attack):

  1. GAIA’S SCORPION - create electrified venom xx times
  2. PIERCING VENOM - spread venom to decimate enemies xx times

HAIL STORM (ice attack):

  1. HURRICANE - create lightning ice xx times
  2. HAIL STORM - pierce your enemies with ice xx times

BLAZING SLASH (fire attack):

  1. WILD FIRE - create thunderous fire xx times
  2. BLAZING SLASH - engulf enemies in flame xx times

Without artificial flavor, the text could be simplified like this:

THUNDER CHARGE - Cast Thunder Charge xx times

PIERCING VENOM - Cast Piercing Venom xx times

HAIL STORM - Cast Hail Storm xx times

BLAZING SLASH - Cast Blazing Slash xx times

GAIA’S SCORPION - Combine Thunder Charge and Piercing Venom xx times

HURRICANE - Combine Thunder Charge and Hail Storm xx times

WILD FIRE - Combine Thunder Charge and Blazing Slash xx times

The order is correct, as it’s harder to combine powers than casting a single one.

The only one I’m not sure is this one, as it would be weird to combine Thunder Charge and Thunder Charge:

CHILD OF ZEUS - release the thunder xx times

At first, I thought it could be related to Athena, but her main quest is FIST OF POWER.

Does anyone know what is the CHILD OF ZEUS quest exactly?

I disagree @Tomaxo.

Artemis has five special powers. Apart from the stag, there are FOUR that I mentioned in my post.

Each of those four powers needs to be collected (sparkling purple around the icon) and then released (used).

As such THUNDER CHARGE relates to collecting lighting for the THUNDER CHARGE power and CHILD OF ZEUS relates to releasing the lightning. 

The THUNDER CHARGE is only combined with CHILD OF ZEUS and not the other (ice, fire & poison) powers.

Thunderous fire = Thunder Charge + Blazing Slash

Lightning ice = Thunder Charge + Hail Storm

Electrified venom = Thunder Charge + Piercing Venom


Not sure which is correct. ?

When you see the purple lightning animation around the last four powers, you can combine Thunder Charge with the other ones (except Call Stag) for amplified damage.


Ok I rewatched this awesome video again, regarding Thunder Charge:

When you use her Power for the first time, it doesn’t deal damage. Instead, it charges her with Thunder, dealing increased damage and additional Lightning damage. The charge lasts for around 6 seconds. When you use Thunder Charge a second time, it damages enemies, stuns them and triggers the cooldown.

So I guess CHILD OF ZEUS is when you use Thunder Charge a second time.

The vid also explains the other combos with Thunder Charge.

This is correct. @tjgarland it has nothing to do with spreading, etc…  it’s for combining thunder charge with the other spells. 

Would love to see a thunder charged stag…like plugged in and buzzing…

that makes sense now. thanks for sharing. :wink: