Artemis's " Poison arrow " Miss the target in autoplay

It’s too hard to play with Artemis is quite obvious. But it’s kinda impossible to pass a moderate defense on autoplay mode.

Her " Poison " Arrow gets activated before she comes to the range of any target and the arrow can’t reach the target. Some times even it is in the range, still miss the tower ( the arrow passes through the side of the tower because it’s too much directive and a very high precision is needed to make it useful)

Is it possible to fix this problem so that she becomes at least playable in autoplay mode??


LOL, that’s quite a valid point there… I’ve said AP needs to be improved, because some of the AP actions are ridiculous, and this should be one at the top of the list lmao… I am using this example, next time we debate if AP is actually a good feature or not. Sadly it works (well or as intended) with certain setups/heroes/powers/units.

In any case, you need to build heroes for AP, and if there are such problems, you have to work around them. This results in overpowering heroes, so in that sense, I would really try to pick the best heroes to do so.