Artemus leaving

Just wanted to say that I am leaving the game. My thanks to all my Voltures, really wonderful players and worthy people, great warriors.
My best wishes to D. and Bulls, that I respect. Also my best wishes to Vasudeva and d9d9 - my compañeros de la revolucion.
And good luck to all the other players I had the honor to meet.
And finally a special thanks and good bye to Captain Morgan.

kiss kiss Artemus :heart:


It’s a pity that you will no longer be with us and it was a pleasure to have you in the game, on behalf of all the “Vittoria Alata” (Italian ally) .
Vasudeva and d9d9, our generals, greet you.
I wish you good things in life!


(captain of “Vittoria Alata”)

I'm really sorry. We lose one player and another voice in this game. Ad maiora

Thanks for the thousands and one victories dear :heart: we won’t forget :slight_smile: