Ascension Archer Pro boost is stupid

The entire point of running Archers in offense is that they deal high single-target damage over the lanes, eliminating Ogres, Wolves and Defense Beasts very quickly. What this boost does is kills a group of archers you have (or something like that) to turn them into 1, much bigger archer. This is counter-productive and totally the opposite of what you want, which is spawning as many of them as possible, especially at the early-stage chokepoints that are meant to prevent your units from spawning. Archers also keep those Cannons at bay, killing them, ensuring your other units actually get out of the tent and can move forward without dying.

Idk who came up with this idea but it’s totally not what this unit, the Archer, needs or wants. It actually reduces the effectiveness of regularly boosted Archers and it’s extremely annoying, because there is no way to turn that boost off. Nobody needs their 5 (or whatever the number is, this game has always failed in the description and ease-of-understanding departments) Archers to die, turn into one big guy who dies just as easily, because it reduces your total Archer DPS and punishes you for running Archers in offense in the first place.

Please change that pro boost to something that’s actually an improvement over the regularly boosted Archers and not a hinderance. I honestly cannot find a single reason for this pro boost being positive.


No big deal. There can only be one pro archers on the Field at any given Time. Furthermore the damage he deals and HP is equal to 5 archers, according to FTB.

So technically it’s the same if there is 1 pro archers or 5 normal ones.

Furthermore that pro archer spawns next to your hero. As long as it doesn’t die there won’t be another One and your strategy still works without using 5 archers to spawn the pro archer

Key is to keep it alive. But with extremely high HP and the fact that it’s only one Unit it should be even easier to keep alive than 5 squishy archers.

Also another Advantage is that if you need one Unit to Support your king the pro archers spawns right next to him.

They’re OK, but a bit underwhelming, Flare is on a roll with defensive buffs, while attack is basically the same as it ever was (+ ridiculously expensive to upgrade pal):

Pal Flute
Pro Paladin
Pro Archer
Stun “buff” (useless due to not working when anything causes a howl effect, and a wasted spell vs. beasts)
Black Magic (Useless if you don’t have all the same boosts as the defense, and even then, there’s better spells)

All not a “go to” choice for attackers, monk was probably the last proper buff to offence, and they’re pretty useless recently.

Whereas on defence:

Heal Tower
Pro Jester/Firebolt/Heal Tower
Gargoyle nest buff
TC Nerf

And this season has a double defensive boost (Uber arbs and death cry skull), because the ubers are useless at offense (way too slow and die way too easily, even with forstblaster buff).

Bladestorm change has been good, but can’t be used in Ninja or war due to gate towers.