Ascension Knights and Paladins!!!!!

I d love to see the ascension pro-boost for knights and paladins as well. How about they get an extra skill or spell feature too? that would spice things up a bit :slight_smile:

can you please make them purchasable with crystals like the equipment in the pro-league so we can buy them altogether?

Boosts should only be attainable via team Pro League participation. We already have a Pro Paladin Boost. A knight Pro Boost sounds interesting, but you’ll have to elaborate on what kind of boost it would be

Pro Knight boost…interesting… i have in my head the name Blazing Knight who add Fire Damage. So the Pro boost can transform one knight into a Fire Phoenix that will burn all around until the knight die. Same way like Dragon with a bar you fill over time.

Somebody know Tale of Phantasia? when he transform into a Phoenix… Close the same

Indeed more info needed.

The same idea as pyro dragon doesn’t look interesting for me.

That d be a nice skill for the ascension knight but I was thinking for something simpler like a taunt skill, which for a limited time he would draw all units’ and towers’ attacks to him, while at the same time using his shield to reduce damage or block (like the footsoldiers in warcraft)

Tale of Phantasia!!! heard about this game, but never played it !!! I ll watch it on youtube it looks cool. The fighter in the screenshot kind of looks like a RR2 knight too