Ascension lvl 29, 2200+ trophies

I’m looking for an active alliance.

Ascension lvl: 29

Current trophies: 2,271

I’m a very active and competitive player. Leave your recruitment messages below.


come join were are heroes we rank 11 and very active. just click apply if you would like to join and just wait to be approved.

We have spot open,  we are Worlds End,  Currently ranked 29th,  but its only our 3rd day playing.  We have a group of people from other games all join so were all really active.  We have line group which we talk a ton on there.  Message Squills if you want to talk more on line app. 

Most of us do buy gems but its not a requirement.  Our main requirement is that your active and talk :wink:




I’m glad you left that sorry clan. Gat :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol Jenny, yeah it was bad…


Update: I was invited into the #2 alliance. Thank you all for the invites! 

They kicked me for no reason :stuck_out_tongue:  and now I’m running into their clan members. It’s fun taking over their base mwhahaha >;) 

join us were rank 14 now.

send me a message on line app. squills