ashamed players who cheat.or


following reports of Alysea and l’m 100% witere ish 100 Alysea .or will the respect for loved honest players and where is the re canspect for play, l tell my dad jimmi that this is shameful that it  thecan be even cheaters in th e game and l leave you my friends from the game to support Alysea and play .


You only miss coherence when it isn t there anymore

I didn’t understand anything :slight_smile:  

Shame on you…


Alysea said he has cheaters in the game and l say shame the players who cheat .

And sorry for the misunderstood and sorry for my English .

No prob jimmi, i understood you… It s just the moderators that had difficulties.  :stuck_out_tongue:


The level of obvious obviousness here is unmatched. I would like to give you an award: Here are ten more hugs and kisses from Adju. 


Stop squirming. You’ll get used to them.

Chapeau Micky! Since when do you understand the “google translate” language?

And if you did understand, then please explain to us, the analphabet mortal ones, who the hell is “dad Jimmi”, why does his friend support  Alysea and who should play with the “persuaders”…

I’m still shocked by the plot twist in which Jimmi reveals that Alysea is male and he owns the cheaters D:  :ph34r:


je trouve honteux quil existe encore des joueurs de notre époque qui trichent / l find shameful that there are still players of our time who cheat 

l’m sorry if you have not understood anything. l say shame the   players happens to be able to cheat in the game .


OK Jimmi, you’re good. It was just difficult to understand what you are trying to say. Don’t be offended. Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Now, Ed … You have one thread where you proove to be bad at math, now you have another one prooving to be bad at linguistics… Lucky enough you re a good raider…   :lol:

Well, at least I’m good with proving things… :slight_smile:

You havent prove anything dickhead  ???

No need to insult… 

Thanks for understanding.

Really a great effort it is done here to open a new user, just to be able to curse and offend others. Guess in your real life you are not such a big hotshot? But here you are a superhero, cause you can hide behind your keyboard. Pathetic.

Mukelu just proves one point, that he has no respect for other players. No one needs to prove anything to such players. Disgusting.

jimmy le prends pas mal mais chez vous chez fqr y avais le plus gros cheatter du jeu the yenil donc bon … Il a du vous faire du gros don chez fqr